Management company VTuber Idol Corp fires talent after discovering “dangerous” activities

Idol Corp announced the termination of Riro Ron’s contract after an investigation found that she violated her contract in multiple ways, including meeting fans and forming a secret relationship with an employee.

Controversies leading to contract terminations are not too unusual in the VTuber world. We have seen a number of talented people across multiple agencies forced to leave following internal issues.

Former Nijisanji EN member Zaion Lanza was fired after she violated multiple contracts while Gundo Mirei had his contract terminated after a baseball argument got out of hand.

Now, another VTuber company – Idol Corp – has been forced to take action to remove one of their own talents after she breached her contract.

Idol terminated the contract with Riro Ron after repeatedly violating the contract

Idol terminated her contract with Riro Ron after the VTuber was found to have violated her contract in multiple ways following an investigation.

The announcement posted on Idol’s official Twitter began: “Thank you for continuing to support Idol and our talent. We would like to inform you that effective November 28, 2023, we have terminated the contract with Idol Project STAR talent Riro Ron.”

The statement explained: “Regarding Riro Ron’s actions leading up to the termination of this contract, it was discovered through an international investigation that Riro Ron breached her contract and engaged in illegal activities. The action is both dangerous and harmful to her own health as well as that of the company.” .

The post describes Riro Ron’s violations, claiming she was found guilty of the following:

  • Abuse of controlled substances during livestream performance.
  • Engage fans in livestreamed Member content for private offline meetings.
  • Meet a fan in person and receive gifts from that fan totaling thousands of dollars.
  • Carrying out a secret relationship with a member of Idol’s management team, whose contract was also terminated after confirming these details.
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Upon termination, fans are entitled to a refund for any Riro Ron merchandise purchased or donations made in her Donothon. Those interested will be able to request a refund through the official Idol Discord server in the near future.

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