Margot calls Below Deck “the hardest thing I’ve ever done” for a heartbreaking reason

Margot Sisson from Below Deck Down Under

Margot got candid on her Instagram about her difficult experience filming Below Deck Down Under.

Margot’s journey on Below Deck Down Under is at times heartbreaking to witness. While Stew has many moments of triumph and laughter throughout season 2, she also faces terrible situations that should never have happened to her in the first place.

After a horrific incident with Luke, the stew turns to alcohol to cope with the trauma of his attack.

Taking to Instagram, the 28-year-old shared how difficult her journey was, calling it the “hardest thing” she has ever done in her life.

Margot Sisson from Below Deck Down Under shares about her struggle with alcohol

In Below Deck Down Under, Margot faced criticism from fans for turning to alcohol when it was deemed inappropriate. Captain Jason even reprimanded her when she drank alcohol on the job, an action that often led to termination of her employment contract.

However, considering all the hardships and trauma Margot faced at Luke’s hands, Jason decided to warn her instead of firing her from her job.

Due to some backlash she received from the public for her behavior on the show while drunk, Margot explained her side of the story in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Below Deck was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she began. “I felt completely devastated during that time. As an introvert who suffers from social anxiety and uses alcohol to hide his insecurities, I often question why I ever thought going on the show would be a good idea.”

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“Watching myself constantly use alcohol as a coping mechanism throughout the season was really sad and painful,” she continued. “I continuously drank myself into oblivion, using alcohol to forget my previous experiences, to ease my tension, to numb my fatigue, and to silence all my insecurities.”

Margot went on to explain, “Alcohol is highly addictive. It’s not as easy as saying “I’ll never drink again” and doing it. The environment I live in is not a place for me (or anyone) to stay sane. That’s simply not how the brain works and I think it’s important to acknowledge that.”

Luckily, Margot ended her post by saying that she is now getting the help she needs to deal with her alcoholism.

Fans were nothing but supportive of Margot in response to her post. “You should be proud of yourself for realizing this was a problem, dealing with it AND sharing this with the world,” one fan commented.

Another agreed, writing: “Love you, Margie!!! Very proud of you.”

Stay tuned to Bravo for more Below Deck Down Under.

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