Masked Singer’s audience firmly believes that Rita Ora “saved” Season 11

Published: 2024-03-31T21:21:32 ❘ Updated: 2024-03-31T21:21:44

Since Nicole left Masked Singer and Rita Ora replaced her, fans are cheering for this new change of judges.

The 11th season of Masked Singer US faced a major change in judges that viewers were not expecting at all.

The four original judges were on the show for ten full seasons, after which Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger announced that she was leaving the show indefinitely to take on a stage role. In Season 11, she was replaced by fellow musical artist Rita Ora.

The new season is only a few episodes old, which has led to a surprising number of celebrity eliminations, but it’s enough for fans to decide if they miss Nicole or if Rita is doing a great job. Great job as her replacement. And most seem to think later.

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On March 28, Masked Singer USA fans started a conversation about Rita on Reddit, and while some missed Nicole and her comments as a judge, most people see has nothing but great things to say about her replacement.

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“I have nothing against Nicole but personally I really loved Rita this season,” one fan wrote.

Another fan chimed in and wrote: “Rita saved me from another season of over-dramatic Nicole.”

“It may take time to adjust to Rita, but for God’s sake, no one gives her a week until everyone complains. I love Nicole, but at least I’m open to other people if she doesn’t feel like it,” one viewer commented in response to Rita’s backlash.

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Season 11 only has a few episodes left, so only time will tell if Rita will continue to receive positive reviews from the audience or viewers will start hoping for Nicole to return as soon as possible.

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