McDonald’s employee caused a stir when the man tried to “brush off his injury” before ordering

A TikToker became famous after trying to “injure” him while ordering at McDonald’s, but the driver completely stopped him.

TikTok may have started life as a platform for creators to share their art, music, and other works, but it has gotten a lot bigger over the past few years. Now, it’s the social media platform for almost every type of video you can think of.

That of course means viral videos, too. These things always have a place on the Internet, whether they’re pranks, inspiring moments of charity, or someone falling over and everyone else laughing at them.

Well, one of the latest videos to go viral on TikTok features harry866 trying to “inflict trauma” at a McDonald’s drive-thru, only for the employees to not want to hear any of it.

McDonald’s employees completely shut down the “trauma dump” at the drive-thru

The TikToker’s clip has garnered more than 1 million views since it was posted on September 5 and left viewers stunned by the employee’s reaction.

In the short video, Harry approaches the McDonald’s drive-through spokesperson and immediately tries to inform the employee about his relationship going sour. “So I just got scammed and I’m really upset about it,” he said.

However, this employee quickly clapped back. “Do you want to order something, yes or no? Okay, I don’t care about your life,” she shot back.

Viewers naturally found her answer humorous and revealing what they would do in her position. “She interrupted you twice, that’s crazy,” one person said. Another added: “I’m too nosy so I’ll let him finish his story.” “She got straight to the point “Boy… I’m not getting paid enough for this… what do you want!?” another person commented.

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The TikToker was impressed with herself and said the McDonald’s employee “killed” her harsh response.

So it would be a shame for anyone thinking of trying the same thing. Just order your meal.

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