McDonald’s employees divide viewers over complaints about customer codes

A McDonald’s employee has left TikTok viewers divided after sharing complaints about drive-through customers using codes from the fast food chain’s app.

The McDonald’s app is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, as it allows customers to earn points on in-store purchases that they can then redeem for free food.

But while the app may bring joy to many, it can cause a bit of frustration for McDonald’s employees, as shown in a recent video posted by TikToker Jasper (@Minutemaidbros2).

In the viral clip, which has garnered 1.1 million views on TikTok, the employee filmed himself covering his face with his hands and shaking his head while interacting with a fictitious customer driver.

“GREET [welcome] to McDonald’s, how can I help you?” he asks the imaginary customer in the video’s text overlay. “I HAVE A CODE,” they replied, making the worker appear annoyed.

TikTok users in the comments section had mixed reactions to the clip, with many appearing confused by the employee’s frustration with the customer’s response.

“Isn’t it easier for everyone??” one person asked. “That’s right, it doesn’t get any easier for you. I just give you the 4-digit code and that’s it,” another wrote.

“The automated voice tells you do you have the passcode? Then the staff presses you trying to tell them you have the code,” a third person said.

Others sympathized with the content creator, believing that he was annoyed with customers who placed orders without responding to his greetings.

“What about saying ‘hello, I have the code’,” one person commented. “My mom didn’t even say she said the code# and I always lecture her about it. I’m so sorry, ” another chimed in. “Oh my god, my grandma and boyfriend did this, I felt embarrassed so I at least said hello back,” another shared.

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