Mèo 2k4 là ai? Thực hư nàng streamer ‘tài năng’ lộ clip nóng như thế nào?

Recently, The Name Cat 2k4 suddenly ’emerged’ as a phenomenal network with good looks and talent, which has made the broadcast world crazy. The rapid popularity has brought her closer to the public, but also made her life more ‘messy’ than ever. So who is Cat 2k4? Follow the article below to know more about this girl.

Who is 2k4 cat?

Cat 2k4, also known by the real name Nguyen Hoa, was born in 1999 in Da Lat. She is a famous streamer with a beautiful doll-like appearance and is very multi-talented in many fields such as Stream, games, Tik Tok and other social networking sites.

She is considered a bright face in the community of League of Legends and Lien Quan Mobile, the beauty is still known as Cat 2k4 Lien Quan.

Cat 2k4 is famous not only for its beautiful appearance, but also its ability to play games “skillfully” and speak gracefully. It is thanks to this that the popularity and spread of Cat 2k4 is more and more widespread.

Currently, her personal Facebook page has nearly 150,000 followers, the fansite page has nearly 800,000 followers and the YouTube channel has more than 157,000 followers.

In addition, the interaction on social networking sites of Cat 2k4 is also very high and stable. Her TikTok page has gained millions of followers, which is worth nothing to any famous female streamer.

Cat 2k4 is a famous female streamer with beautiful appearance and many talents

Beautiful and cute pictures of Cat girl 2k4

With a beautiful appearance, the photos of Cats 2k4 attract many likes and comments. Let’s admire her beautiful and cute series of photos below!

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Cat 2k4 has a bright and sweet appearance

Feels beautiful and shiny but still very light

She has big eyes

Moreover, the compact and impressive appearance

The young face of Cat 2k4 is loved by many people

Dreamy, beautiful look

Dreamy, beautiful look

A series of controversial scandals and the influence of Cats 2k4

Although he has just joined and has not been famous for a long time, Cat 2k4’s streaminger career has caused a lot of controversy. She has cited jokes on social media, and most recently for a clip with a hot scene believed to be hers, which annoys fans.

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Providing massive viewership on live streams, Cat 2k Tu’s statements have been the focus of criticism and received a lot of lightness and heavy feelings. Therefore, she also faced great mental pressure.

In addition, as soon as the controversy about the hot clip happened, she had to be hospitalized for water transfusion. The updated clip of hers went viral on social media at lightning speed. Her love story with Be Chanh attracted the attention of the online community and became a topic of discussion. However, now the couple has broken up.

After that job, she temporarily stopped working on social networks and paid more attention than danger in her speech and actions.

Focusing on the new scandal, Cat 2k4 became the focus of all criticism

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