Meowko requests a ban on live streaming of Kick, Johnny Somali for harassing her in Japan

Twitch star Meowko was banned from streaming controversial Kick Johnny Somali after he began harassing her during a live broadcast.

Johnny Somali has become one of the most notorious IRL content creators on the internet, regularly harassing locals in Japan and being attacked by them for his actions.

Somali was even hit with a 72-hour ban from Kick after several instances of racist behavior in Tokyo, but it seems the streamer hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

In early September, Meowko was streaming on Twitch when he encountered Johnny Somali and the situation quickly became quite unpleasant.

Meowko breaks down after being harassed by Johnny Somali on Twitch

During a broadcast, Somali, who is permanently banned from Twitch, continued talking about how he was “most popular” in Japan, shocking Meowko.

“I’m at Kick. We don’t like Twitch streamers,” he said, causing her to walk away. “Bye. Banned b*tch. Banned! You better not show me your live stream, you’ll be banned.”

Moments later, Meowko was in tears after the incident and was taken away by a kind taxi driver.

Twitch’s rules prohibit streamers from banning creators on their broadcasts, something Meowko is well aware of, and she certainly doesn’t want to be banned again as she explained the situation on X/Twitter.

“I was able to avoid the ban because I responded quickly to Twitch staff,” she speaksshows she contacted the site about the incident.

“I cried because the taxi driver on the way home was such a nice guy. I hope this person will leave Japan soon. I feel helpless because I can’t do anything even though it’s right in front of me.”

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Meowko added that she’s not sure why Johnny Somali isn’t banned from more sites given the controversies he continues to cause.

“Honestly, I don’t know how such creative people still have room to say something like this on the internet,” she said. more.

Shortly after the incident, Somali was on the receiving end again after harassing more people on the streets, leading to one man finally having enough and punching him in the face.

Only time will tell if Kick decides to ban the streamer again as more and more people become upset with his antics.

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