Mikaela Testa criticized Veruca Salt’s “false” messages weeks after the baby’s death

Mikaela Testa is being widely criticized online after sending a “messy” message about Veruca Salt less than a month after the influencer’s child passed away.

Australian TikTok star Veruca Salt shared on February 5 that her 6-week-old son Cash “died in his sleep,” with no cause of death determined.

After her son’s death, Veruca moved in with influencers Katie and Lauren Hamden for support. However, it seems that the twins’ help has diverted the attention of another famous TikTok and OnlyFans creator – Mikaela Testa.

Taking to her Instagram story, Veruca shared the “evil” text message Hamdens had received from Mikaela, leaving viewers appalled at the “messy” and “sick” message.

Instagram: teatoktalkIn Veruca Salt’s Instagram story are text messages allegedly sent from Testa.

Story screenshots obtained by Instagram drama account ‘TheTeaTalk’ show a photo of Katie’s text messages revealing Mikaela allegedly said, “One more thing, you guys are really bad people The worst, most horrible, most negative around and [Veruca] Shouldn’t even live with you guys because she’ll probably kill herself after one day of listening to Lauren’s bullshit**.”

Although much of Katie’s response was scribbled in the photo, there was still a section that read as follows; “I don’t think it’s right to say Veruca would commit suicide because of Lauren’s ‘negativity’ after her child just passed away.”

And both Veruca and online viewers clearly agreed, with the TikTok star defending the twins on her Instagram story against Mikaela’s insults. Veruca wrote: “It is [really] that bothers me [Mikaela] Is there anything negative to say about the twins as they helped me out of their kindness and she was taking advantage of me and acting like she was my friend to do it.

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Veruca Salt Instagram StoryInstagram: teatoktalkVeruca Salt defended the twins, criticizing Testa’s behavior.

“I just thought what a bitch it was to talk to me and about me like that when my baby had been dead less than a month ago. Like the hell I can breathe,” Veruca continued, adding that Mikaela sent a voice message warning the twins. “It’s frustrating that I feel dragged into a situation like this when I’m already dealing with enough.”

Viewers did not hesitate to criticize Mikaela for her “vicious” messages in the comments section of TheTeaTalk post, labeling the influencer “sick.” One person said: “Mikaela has no redeeming qualities. She’s just a terrible person who needs to be eliminated. Can’t believe she still has supporters.”

“This is disgusting [behavior] and she is too old to act this way,” said another. “She’s upset because her old friends are supporting a woman going through grief…check yourself, honey.”

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