Monique Agostino: Wiki, Bio, Age, Jailed, Height, Net Worth

Monique Agostino: Wiki, Biography, Age, Jailed, Height, Net Worth, Addiction, Husband, Instagram, Photos, Cat Lady, History, Family, Parents: Monique Agostino, 28 years old , a former Instagram model, is now addicted to drugs and could go to jail again. She has a difficult past and has been locked up before.
Monique Agostino

Who is Monique Agostino?

Monique Agostino, a former Instagram model and real estate agent, is going to jail again as her drug addiction worsens. The court ordered her to serve nine months in prison and she must serve at least five months before being paroled. She committed various crimes, such as robbery while wearing a mask, drug crimes, and carrying weapons. Previously, she was in prison but was released on bail pending appeal. Monique is famous for posting famous photos on Instagram where she wears a bikini.

Monique Agostino’s height, weight & age:

Monique Agostino’s age is listed as 28. There is no mention of her exact height or weight.

Monique Agostino’s Family and Relationships:

According to sources, she has a young son whom she places at a nearby daycare. However, details about her family, husband or boyfriend are still unclear.

Monique Agostino’s education:

Monique Agostino studied at Killarney Heights High School in Sydney, Australia. She was a student there during her school years.

Unfortunately, there is no information about her Graduation or Masters.

Monique Agostino’s career:

Monique Agostino

Monique Agostino has two careers, the first being an Instagram model and the other being a real estate agent. But she is not very famous on Instagram because she rarely posts. Her life took a turn for the worse when she became involved in crimes such as robbery, credit card fraud, and drugs. She received multiple prison sentences, spending two years at the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Center. Her lawyer says she has potential and is currently taking an online e-commerce course, possibly to find a new job or to change herself.

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Monique Agostino Net Worth:

Monique Agostino’s net worth is currently under investigation, it has not been made public at this time.

Monique Agostino is jailed again:

Monique Agostino, former Instagram model and real estate agent, went to jail for doing bad things and using drugs. She admitted to many crimes, such as using another person’s identification documents to commit fraud, theft, using drugs, driving under the influence of drugs, shoplifting and driving a car without permission. This is not the first time she has been to prison. In the past, she had shoplifted, used drugs, and had weapons.

In 2018, Agostino drove a car with several teenage boys to commit a restaurant robbery and attempted to break into a fruit store and coffee shop. Later, she was arrested for using stolen credit cards, carrying a knife and using drugs. While in prison, she appealed and was released on bail, but was later returned for failing to appear in court, violating bail regulations.

Her lawyer said she has potential and is studying online. But her drug problem worsened after losing her real estate license. Even though she had potential, the judge said she continued to do bad things, like driving illegally and skipping court.

Because she did bad things, kept doing them, and didn’t follow the rules, she ended up in jail. Her lawyer hopes she will do better and stop doing bad things, even though she did not follow the rules.

Here is Monique Agostino’s full biography including Her Jail, Height, Net Worth, Addictions, Husband, Instagram, Photos, Cat Women, History, Family, Parents and Facts other news.

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Monique Agostino

News Board:

NameMonique Agostino
Year old28
HeightNot specified
FamilyInformation is not clear
Relationship statusInformation is not clear
EducationKillarney Heights High School (alumni)
CareerFormer Instagram model, real estate agent
Criminal chargesMasked robbery, credit card fraud, drug crimes, weapon possession, fraud, theft and driving violations
Previous prison sentenceTwo years at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Center
Current prison sentenceNine months with a five-month non-parole period
Net valueCurrently under investigation
DrugOut of control
Recovery effortsSign up for an online e-commerce course

Social media accounts:


Little known facts of Monique Agostino:

  • Before engaging in criminal activities, Monique Agostino worked as a real estate broker.
  • Agostino has achieved a certain level of fame on Instagram as a model.
  • Agostino is a former student of Killarney Heights High School, located in Sydney, Australia.

Frequently asked questions about Monique:

1. Who is Monique Agostino?

  • Monique Agostino is a former Instagram model and real estate agent who gained attention for her social media presence and bikini photos. She has faced legal troubles, including convictions for masked robberies, drug offenses and weapons possession.

2. How old is Monique Agostino?

  • Monique is 28 years old this year.

3. What crimes was Monique Agostino convicted of?

  • Monique was convicted of various crimes, including masked robbery, credit card fraud, drug possession, racketeering, theft, driving violations and carrying a weapon.

4. Has Monique Agostino ever been to prison before?

  • Yes, Monique previously served a two-year prison sentence at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Center.

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