MrBeast agrees to a sponsorship contract with the NBA team

The Charlotte Hornets have announced a jersey patch partnership with MrBeast for the upcoming 2023/24 NBA season.

MrBeast is involved in almost every form of content creation, including sports. In September, the YouTube star competed in the Sidemen Charity Match. Rumors also point to a potential boxing match as MrBeast trains with Logan Paul.

Being the most subscribed YouTuber with over 186 million subscribers on the platform, there aren’t many other ventures out there for him to explore more about sports. This is especially true now that a new report from Forbes reveals the entrepreneur is more than doubling the annual income of his competitors.

From June 2022 to June 2023, Forbes estimates this famous YouTuber earned a whopping total income of $82 million. MrBeast used that funding to embark on a new ambitious sports project.

NBAMrBeast’s Feastables chocolate brand is now the official jersey sponsor of the Charlotte Hornets.

Hornets launches jersey patch contract with MrBeast

On September 2, ESPN reported: “The Charlotte Hornets are launching a jersey patch partnership with YouTube and social media phenomenon MrBeast, a novel relationship between an influencer and a NBA brand.”

The MrBeast chocolate brand’s Feastables logo will appear on Hornet uniforms and media backdrops for press conferences. It’s important to note that the press release makes no mention of wearing the logo during official matches.

The move hits close to home, as the YouTuber is a native of Greenville, North Carolina, where he reportedly purchased an entire city block’s worth of real estate for his employees to live in.

Charlotte begins the season on October 10 against the Miami Heat. It remains to be seen whether the Feastables logo jersey will be available for purchase. Fans can keep track of that by checking the NBA Store website. For all the latest information, be sure to check out the rest of our MrBeast coverage.

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