My Mum, Your Dad Season 1 cast: Meet the single parents

Meet the entire cast of the first season of My Mum, Your Dad, including the kids who got them on the show.

For those desperately waiting for Love Island to air again, ITV has you covered in the meantime.

They just announced a brand new dating TV show called My Mum, Your Dad. The series is similar to Love Island, but middle-aged parents spend time together hoping to find their true love.

An interesting detail is that they are not alone. Not only were they nominated to be on the show by one of their children, but they also secretly watched their parents interact nearby. Who knows? Maybe they’ll start some relationships of their own.

My Mum, Your Dad Season 1 cast: Who is single?

Without further ado, here’s a list of parents looking for love, their supportive children and what they told ITV, according to Radio Times.





“It’s a common thing between my brother and sister and it’s basically our way of telling him that we’re happy for him to start dating, if that’s what he wants to do.”



“She put everything aside to raise me and my sister for many years, so I think now is my mother’s time.”


“There’s nothing better than getting on the same page and looking at the future as if it’s going somewhere – making plans to move in together.




“My mother is usually a cheerful person. It would be fun if she could be with someone who makes her laugh for a change.”

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“I’m a bit old-fashioned, I like people who can fix things and do it themselves. I also like a man who can cook! If they can do both – that’s a bonus.”





“I’ve definitely been catfished before! I went to meet my date and the person in the photo – well, let’s say they have some actual photography skills.”


The film is scheduled to open on September 11, 2023. Let the love fest begin!

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