Nadeshot calls Dillon Danis an “internet bully” amid Logan Paul beef

100 Thieves CEO and former Call of Duty pro Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has weighed in on the ongoing Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis beef, claiming that in the whole ordeal, he just feels sorry for Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal.

Throughout the buildup to Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis, due to take place on October 14 as a co-main event matchup alongside KSI vs Tommy Fury, Danis has been frequently posting about Agdal, a supermodel from Denmark, sharing photoshopped images of her in different situations as well as photos of her with other men, in an attempt to upset Logan.

Things came to blows at the press conference and, while Logan managed to keep a cool head throughout, almost everybody else had their own chaotic moments, including Tommy’s father John who had to apologize for his outbursts the following day.

The day following the press conference, 100 Thieves posted a new episode of the Nadeshot Knows podcast, in which he and assistant Joe discussed the whole situation, and Nade couldn’t hide his feelings about it all.

Nadeshot says Danis’ posts are “too far”

Speaking about the beef, Nadeshot said: “Dillon Danis is just tweeting every 10 minutes, and I only know of him because of the man that he hates and the man he’s going to fight.

“So, when this is all said and done, maybe he’ll have some level of relevancy, but he’s probably going to have to just jump on the next creator or next individual to stay as relevant as he has right now.”

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Taking on a more serious note, though, Nadeshot spoke out in support of Nina Agdal. “I really do just feel sorry for this poor woman, who didn’t ask for any of this.

“She’s just being publicly shamed and bullied by this guy who would never have any interaction unless she was engaged to Logan Paul … I truly do believe that it’s been taken too far… This guy is the definition right now of an internet bully, and everyone’s just going along with it.”

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Adding that the treatment is “f**king disgusting,” Nadeshot couldn’t hide his contempt for Danis’ actions, perhaps able to relate to it more as a newlywed himself and able to put himself in Logan’s shoes.

Danis, a former MMA fighter himself, hasn’t actually had a fight since 2019, having pulled out of several fights in the time since, including one against KSI, for which he “wasn’t prepared” to fight.

Critics are expecting him to pull out of this fight too, but only time will tell how things actually end up.

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