Năm 2022: Giá đất nền tại Bình Dương chạm mốc mới

After the land price war in Ho Chi Minh City increased to more than 2.4 billion VND/m², the land market in many suburban areas immediately increased. New Light.

In Binh Duong, projects with prices below 1 VND/plot are almost gone, especially in areas adjacent to large industrial parks.

Land prices in Binh Duong Tinh Moi - photo 1
The central area of ​​Tan Uyen is transforming and developing strongly, leading to the excitement of the real estate market

Land prices expanded widely

In Binh Duong, contrary to the vibrant pulse of the apartment segment, from the beginning of 2021, up to now, this very unique land project has been brought to the market mainly for investment. Meanwhile, the demand for land here has always been very high because the price level is still quite reasonable and good growth potential helps industry and infrastructure develop strongly. It is the scarcity and general market situation that has caused the Binh Duong land segment to have price adjustments.

In Thuan An and Di An cities, land projects in the central area or near industrial parks are currently priced from 40 million VND/m2. This price is considered attractive because for areas adjacent to Thu Duc city it is only half the price. Along that shore, Thuan An and Di An have a higher population density and economic development not inferior to Thu Duc.

A little further, the land market in Ben Cat and Tan Uyen has also reached the threshold of 17 million VND/m². It was noted that for nearly a year, these two places did not have any new land projects offered for sale, but prices still increased steadily. These are also areas that are considered to have great potential, adjacent to Binh Duong new city and many industrial parks are operating stably, with a large number of workers returning to work.

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Meanwhile, Phu Giao and Bau Bang are considered new development markets, but administrative center areas or near industrial parks currently no longer have land priced below 1 billion VND/plot.

Binh Duong Tinh Moi land price - photo 2
The increasing living standards of Tan Uyen people and strong development of services are promoting rapid urbanization.

In fact, recently, the Binh Duong land market has grown well but entirely based on potential factors that are truly evident. Specifically, Binh Duong is the largest industrial center, ranked in the top 3 in FDI attraction for many consecutive years and has achieved symbolic economic maturity. In particular, Binh Duong is promoting the construction of smart cities and creative urban areas as the theme of sustainable development, a series of transport infrastructure and social infrastructure are being invested, so land prices are increasing. completely reasonable.

Tan Uyen hot spot

Currently, Tan Uyen is a bright “candidate” for becoming the 4th city under Binh Duong Province. Tan Uyen’s economy has developed quite rapidly for many years thanks to owning many large industrial parks such as Nam Tan Uyen, VSIP II, Song Than 3, Uyen Hung, Phu Chanh,… with about 2,000 businesses operating vibrantly; FDI attraction as of 2020 has reached nearly 4 billion USD. Arranged, when the 1,000ha scale VSIP III industrial park comes into operation, it will continue to attract more businesses to open factories.

Regarding infrastructure, recently, Tan Uyen has developed a series of important projects such as upgrading roads DT747B, DT746 and synchronous planning of radial axis such as My Phuoc – Tan Van avenue, DT743. In particular, the construction of projects including South Tan Uyen Avenue, Uyen Hung – Thu Dau Mot Avenue, Tan Uyen – Phu Giao power road and ring road 4 promises to not only help Tan Uyen but also Phu Giao. economic readiness in general and the real estate market in particular. By looking on the map, you will see that Tan Uyen and Phu Giao are similar to a bridge connecting the main industrial production of Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc and the consumption market of important exports of the South such as Ho Chi Minh City. , Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

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Binh Duong Tinh Moi land price - photo 3
The industrial sector is creating a solid development headline for the Tan Uyen real estate market

Tan Uyen’s population is currently about 300,000 people, the average income per capita is 1.56 times that of the whole country. Industrial parks are a favorable foundation for Tan Uyen to form residential areas and modern urban areas. The integrated model between residential areas and industrial zones also helps Tan Uyen urban area develop harmoniously and sustainably, attracting a large number of workers to an industrial complex. This is followed by the rapid development of the Tan Uyen real estate market.

Recently, the Tan Uyen government has outlined a goal to become a second-class city, becoming a city under Binh Duong province before 2025. At that time, Tan Uyen will develop in the direction of a smart urban area combined with industrial use. many functional technologies on the basis of ensuring the orientation regulations of Binh Duong Province. This is a “push” that many investors are interested in because when returning to the city, Tan Uyen will not only be a livable city, but the real estate market will also be hotter, with prices skyrocketing like Thuan An and Thuan An. Of course A while ago.

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