Netflix To Launch ‘Untold’ Docuseries With Malice at the Palace

Starting in early August, the Netflix streaming service will launch Not to mention Episode 1.a group of five documentary stories about sports stories that are very different from the norm.

Not to mention will kick off Aug. 10 with “Malice at the Palace,” a retelling of the infamous 2004 altercation between players from the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and fans.

Considered one of the darkest days in professional basketball, Malice at the Palace featured NBA players fighting with fans on the court and in the stands, leading to epic suspensions, including there are 86 games for Ron Artest.

The altercation broke out when a drunk Detroit fan poured a drink on Artest as he left the field.

“Each film begins at a pivotal moment – ​​the big game, the Olympics, the playoffs – and then delves into what happened beyond the headlines, as told by those who lived it. in which, to reveal grit, resilience, heartbreak, triumph, violence, comedy and sweaty pathos,” reads Netflix’s official synopsis.

Other films in the first collection chronicle the stories of Caitlin Jenner, tennis player Mardy Fish, pioneering female boxer Christy Martin and a crowd-backed minor league hockey team.

“Sports are the great unifier in our country,” said directors and co-executive producers Chapman Way and Maclain Way.

“It transcends politics. It permeates the culture. We tried to separate it into its own industry, but like art and cinema, it is so pervasive that it creates a widespread discussion among people.”

The Way is produced and directed Wild wild countrythe excellent limited documentary about the Rajneeshpuram sect is also available on Netflix.

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Untold episode 1 will air on Netflix this August 10.

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