New Gorilla Tag Update, When is Secret Tunnel Opening in Gorilla Tag?

New Gorilla card update is out. People are curious to know more about the new Gorilla Card Update in this article. You will get complete details about the new Gorilla Card Update in this article. Read on for more information.

Gorilla card

What are the new updates in the new Gorilla card?

People are curious to know about the updates. The new Gorilla Update Tag was created on May 26, 2023. Let’s take a look at the features offered by the new Gorilla Tag.

  1. There is a new map named Beach.
  2. A new swimming system has been introduced.
  3. There are new options for cosmetics as well as wetsuits.
  4. There are bug fixes and performance improvements.

Let us know more details about the actual appearance of the Beach. The beach is full of tropical islands with beaches, caves and zip lines. Since there is a swimming system installed in it, you can also swim in the pool. If you haven’t updated yet, just visit the Oculus Quest website. You may have the new update if you are using Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

Gorilla card

How to download updates on your phone?

You can download the update on your phone using very simple steps. You just need to download the Oculus app to your phone. Once you update, open and tap on the Library Tab. The next step is to tap on Gorilla Tag. The last option is Update. Just tag it. Before moving on to the next text, let us find out the details about the new update.

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Gorilla card

New update

  1. New Map: New map includes zip line, beach and Cave. It’s best to go with friends.
  2. New swimming mechanism in swimming: You can swim on the beach using this function.
  3. New cosmetics: There are cosmetics and swimming dresses.
  4. Bug Fixes: These refer to major performance bugs that are said to have been fixed.

The most popular person in the above series is Yjid. You can do the following on the Beach, Swim in the sea, explore caves, swing on ropes and play with others. Gorilla Tags must be discovered by their fans. This is all about Gorilla Tag in this article. They participate in thrilling games. The game needs a player to be its player. Whoever becomes an It player must tag someone else. Whoever is tagged will become a new member. Stay tuned for more details on our website

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