Người Nổi Tiếng ở Bình Định là ai? Bật mí 3 người nổi tiềng ở Bình Định có thế bạn không biết

Binh Dinh is known by the people as “The elite of martial arts wisdom”, the birthplace of brave heroes and illustrative definitions. The people of Binh Dinh are inherently simple, compassionate, and cooperative, especially full of concepts. It is the wonderful material products that have created the powerful martial spirit, along with nurturing the country’s cultural and poetic talents. Let’s join LDG to name famous people in Binh Dinh!

I. Who are Famous People in Binh Dinh?

1. King Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue

King Quang Trung (1753-1792) was the second emperor of the Tay Son Dynasty, after Thai Duc Emperor Nguyen Nhac. King Quang Trung is one of the most talented political leaders. During his time in power, he made many improvements to build the country, marking victories in the military field.

Victory in the civil wars could not have come quickly to King Quang Trung, not without the great victory over the Qing army in 1789, protecting the entire territorial sovereignty. And the victory over the Siamese army with the battle of Rach Gam – Xoai Mut resonated in history in 1785.

King Quang Trung is considered the cloth hero of the Vietnamese people. Together with Nguyen Nhac and Nguyen Lu, King Quang Trung led the Tay Son uprising. This is a historical column marking the end of the long civil war between two feudal groups, Dang Trong and Dang Ngoai. The leaders were King Le, Lord Trinh Ngoai and King Nguyen outside In.

When King Quang Trung’s plans to reform and build Dai Viet were being implemented and achieving the first results, the king passed away at the age of 40.

2. Mai Xuan Thuong

Mai Xuan Thuong (1860-1887) was a scholar and leader of the French-loving movement in the late 19th century in Binh Dinh. He was born in Phu Lac village, Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Vien district, now Tay Son district, Binh Dinh province.

In 1878, Mai Xuan Thuong passed the baccalaureate exam. In 1885, he passed his bachelor’s degree. After that, he returned to Phu Lac, establishing a base at Hon Sung. In September of that year, Mai Xuan Thuong was promoted to Marshal to lead the insurgent army. He sent his troops to fight with many methods to regenerate Cam Van, Phu Thien, Hon Kho,…

Also helping with Mai Xuan Thuong were martyrs such as Tang Bat Ho, Nguyen Ba Huan, Nguyen Trong Tri,… along with thousands of scholars and people of Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, and Binh Thuan provinces.

In 1887, Mai Xuan Thuong surrendered to the enemy to save her mother and the people. He ordered the Dong Khanh court to change his bachelor’s robes and take decisive action

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3. Tang Bat Ho

Tang Bat Ho (1859-1906) was from Hoai An district, Binh Dinh province. Tang Bat Ho participated in the Can Vuong movement with Mai Xuan Thuong from 1885-1887.

After the movement disbanded, he went abroad to pursue a maritime career, traveling to many countries such as China, Thailand, Japan, etc. Therefore, he had the opportunity to observe foreign civilization.

In 1903, he returned to the country, volunteered to guide Mr. Phan Boi Chau and Dang Tu Kinh to Japan, and organized the Dong Du movement. In 1905, he welcomed Phan Boi Chau’s essay “Advising young people to study abroad” back to the country, spreading and promoting it domestically. He also disguised himself as a doctor and contacted everywhere to find comrades.

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In 1906, he moved from the South to Hue, became seriously ill and died.

4. Ngo May

Ngo May – the hero who fought the suicide bomb, is a famous historical figure, especially for the people of Binh Dinh. Ngo May was born in 1924 in Vien Triem village, Cat Chanh commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province. In 1946, Ngo May asked his mother to join the army and joined the great king Quyet Tu Army.

In the summer of 1947, the French army fought hard at An Khe. Ngo May’s army was ordered to block An Khe. However, due to the difference in weapons, equipment as well as energy and combat experience, this task is impossible.

In that situation, the army opened a selection of volunteers to carry bombs to release the army’s bodies. More than 40 volunteer soldiers accepted the mission, including Ngo May. After consideration, the king’s command gave him that glorious mission.

On October 24, 1947, during the battle for the kingdom in Suoi Voi forest, Ngo May carried a bomb and rushed into the middle of their army, destroying more than a medium legionnaire, opening the way for the entire army to rush into battle. innovate their work process.

The sound of the Ngo May bomb shook the spirit of the French Expeditionary Corps and strongly encouraged the fighting spirit of the soldiers of Inter-Region 5. Exaggerating the movement of killing the enemy to achieve success throughout the South Central front.

5. Dao Tan

Dao Tan (1845-1907) was born in Chi Thuc, with nicknames Mai Tang and Mong Mai. He grew up in a poor farmer family in Vinh Thanh village, Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh. He was a student of baccalaureate Nguyen Dieu, a famous opera composer. Dao Tan was directly influenced by his teacher and learned to write tuong from a very young age.

At the age of 22, he passed his bachelor’s degree. At the age of 26, he worked as a secretary in the Hue Cabinet, drafting professional opera scripts for the Royal Family under Tu Duc’s orders.

In 1874, he was appointed governor of Quang Trach, then promoted to Phu Doan of Thua Thien in 1878. Although working for the feudal dynasty, Dao Tan still increasingly helped Phan Boi’s anti-French activities. Chau.

Dao Tan is considered the founder of the opera industry, who wrote many operas and was the most successful in this genre. He left behind a cultural legacy of the underworld with great monkeys such as Tam Nu Do Vuong, Son Hau, Dao Phi Phung,…

6. Xuan Dieu

Xuan Dieu (1916-1985) is one of Vietnam’s great poets. Xuan Dieu’s real name is Ngo Xuan Dieu. He also has another pen name, Trao Nha, his hometown is Trao Nha village, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province.

However, he was born in Go Boi, Tung Gian village, Phuoc Hoa commune, Tuy Phuoc district, Binh Dinh province.

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He is famous from the New Poetry movement. Xuan Dieu’s poetry shows a pessimistic, hopeless feeling about love, but it has a vein of lowering danger, sometimes evoking vitality. He was known as the “king of love poetry”.

7. Yen Lan

Yen Lan (1916-1998), real name Lam Thanh Lang, was a Vietnamese poet and playwright. He, along with Han Mac Tu, Che Lan Vien and Quach Tan, formed Ban Thanh Four Friends, famous on the poetry scene at that time. One of the pioneers in the school of literature.

After the August Revolution, he was Cultural Commissioner for National Salvation in Binh Dinh (1947 – 1949); is the Commissioner for Cultural and War Culture of the South Central region, Major General of the Resistance Theater Army. From 1950 to 1954 he worked in cultural and artistic work in Binh Dinh.

After 1954, Yen Lan gathered to the North, became a member of the Vietnam Writers Association since 1957, worked at the Literature Publishing House and participated in the Nhan Van – Giai Pham movement. After reunifying the country in 1975, he returned to work at the Binh Dinh Arts Association and died here on October 5, 1998. He was awarded the State Prize for Literature and Arts in 2007.

In addition to the above famous historical heroes, revolutionary activists, cultural figures, poets, and writers, Binh Dinh also has many other famous figures in many different fields. Recently, the beautiful Y Nhi was crowned Miss Vietnamese World, however, instead of being famous, Y Nhi is facing a lot of scandal because of her statements.

Poet Yen Lan (1916 – 1998) in her youth

So who are the 3 famous people from Binh Dinh?

Han Mac Tu, Che Lan Vien, Quach Tan are famous poets of Binh Dinh, of which poet Quach Tan (1910 – 1992) is the only one who carries the soul of Binh Dinh’s hometown.

1. Quach Tan (1910 – 1992)

Quach Tan is one of the famous and talented poets of Binh Dinh, who has contributed significantly to Vietnamese literature. Born in 1910 and passed away in 1992, he left behind unique and profound literary works.

Quach Tan’s poems are often inspired by everyday life, but they carry sophistication and deep emotions. His works are often loved by readers and considered a special inspiration in discovering the beauty of national culture.

2. Han Mac Tu (Nguyen Trong Tri) (1912 – 1940)

Han Mac Tu, real name Nguyen Trong Tri, is a talented Vietnamese poet, born in My Le village, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh, but raised in Binh Dinh. He appears in literary history as a romantic and deeply spiritual poet.

Han Mac Tu’s works often contain sadness and thoughts deep in people’s hearts and have left a deep impression in the hearts of readers. Although Han Mac Tu’s life was short, he left an eternal literary legacy for the country.

3. King Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue)

Not only poets, but Binh Dinh also gave birth and grew up a great king, a national hero – King Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue). With his historic victories, he has proven his bravery and leadership talent.

King Quang Trung was the one who defeated the Qing invaders, liberated Thang Long and became the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam. He became a symbol of the courage and wisdom of the Vietnamese people in the fight to regain independence and freedom for the country.

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These famous names are the heroes of Binh Dinh, they have contributed to the glory and reputation of this land. Their artistic products and historical victories are always remembered and honored, and are a source of inspiration not only for the people of Binh Dinh but also for the entire homeland of Vietnam.

II. Controversial stories surround Miss Y Nhi’s answer

Calling Yourself a “Celebrity”

Miss Y Nhi’s answer when she identified herself as a “famous person” from Binh Dinh caused controversy in public opinion. Many people believe that the fact that she gave herself this title must be an act of humility and lack of queenliness, especially when she was only crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023 not long ago.

Some people believe that, even if successful in a beauty contest, considering yourself a “famous person” from Binh Dinh seems inappropriate and needs to be considered more carefully.

Error “Incorrect” information about Han Mac Tu

In her answer, Miss Y Nhi also mentioned poet Han Mac Tu from Binh Dinh. However, this caused strong public controversy because her information was inaccurate. Han Mac Tu, real name Nguyen Trong Tri, was not born in Binh Dinh but in My Le village, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.

He only grew up and studied in Binh Dinh. Quickly providing incorrect information about an important historical and cultural figure like Han Mac Tu caused a strong reaction and undermined the credibility of Miss Y Nhi’s answer.

These debates have spread widely on social networks and caused a lot of discussion. They appreciate the prompt and automatic delivery of answers but also emphasize that word choice and information must be carefully considered, especially when it comes to celebrities and related issues. related to history and culture.

III. “Sincere” apology and thoughts of Miss Y Nhi

Today, July 31, Miss Y Nhi apologized for her controversial statements in the previous interview clip.

She admitted that her answers to the question responded quickly under time pressure, she was unable to give accurate information and think as carefully as she wanted. She sincerely admitted her shortcomings in thinking and public speaking skills.

Miss Y Nhi also expressed everyone’s respect and love for her. She emphasized the importance of support and mission from fans and organizers during her participation in the beauty pageant.

She hopes people can accept and forgive her, and give her time to improve and learn from her mistakes.

Miss Y Nhi’s apology was posted on social networks, and she thanked all the contributions and shares from Vietnamese beauty fans. She promotes the spirit of openness and willingness to change to improve herself and become a more positive role model in the eyes of the public.

Thus, Miss Y Nhi’s controversial answer about three famous people from Binh Dinh has attracted interest and debate on social networks. This raises the issue of the responsibility and understanding of celebrities when participating on the public stage. We need to be careful and prepared before launching symbols on such a broad platform.

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