Nhận định, dự đoán tỉ số U22 Thái Lan vs U22 Malaysia hôm nay ngày 6/5

U22 Thailand and U22 Malaysia will have to grind their teeth in an important match at SEA Games 32 with the balance of the ticket to continue so the pressure is full on “Both sides”.

What time is Thailand U22 vs Malaysia U22 and what channel is it on?

  • Time: 4:00 p.m. June 5, 2023
  • Tournament: Group stage, SEA Games 32 men’s soccer
  • Location: Prince Stadium, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Broadcast channel: VTV5

Strength situation before the match U22 Thailand vs U22 Malaysia

  • U22 Thailand: The strongest
  • U22 Malaysia: The most powerful

Latest performance of Thailand U22 and Malaysia U22 in 5 matches?

  • Performance of U22 Thailand
April 30, 2023U22 Thailand vs U22 Singapore3-1
February 26, 2022U22 Thailand vs U22 Vietnam0-1
February 24, 2022U22 Laos vs U22 Thailand0-2
February 22, 2022U22 Vietnam vs U22 Thailand1-0
February 16, 2022U22 Thailand vs U22 Singapore3-1
  • Performance of U22 Malaysia
March 5, 2023U22 Malaysia vs U22 Laos5-1
March 26, 2023U22 Hong Kong vs U22 Malaysia1-2
March 24, 2023U22 Cambodia vs U22 Malaysia2-4
February 21, 2022U22 Malaysia vs U22 Laos0-2
February 18, 2022U22 Laos vs U22 Malaysia2-1

U22 Thailand vs U22 Malaysia: ‘Early final’

After a resounding victory in the opening match of SEA Games 32 against U22 Laos, U22 Malaysia will face a much more difficult opponent, U22 Thailand.

The reigning runner-up got off to a good start when defeating Lower Singapore. Besides, U22 Thailand is also rated better than U22 Malaysia in the upcoming important match. Notes War Elephants had a good run for SEA Games 32 when they won a good rank at the U23 Doha Cup 2023 friendly tournament. Not only that, U22 Thailand also had a longer break than their opponents when not competing. fight in the second match.

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U22 Thailand will face U22 Malaysia in an important match in Group B.

In Group B of SEA Games 32 men’s soccer, U22 Vietnam, U22 Thailand and U22 Malaysia are considered the top candidates for the next ticket.

Therefore, the clash between Thailand and Malaysia is considered an early final for this battle group. The team that loses will be disadvantaged in the race to win the next ticket.

Currently, U22 Vietnam is leading Group A with 6 absolute points. However, if U22 Thailand or U22 Malaysia win the upcoming match, coach Philippe Troussier and his team will drop to 2nd place on the rankings, closer in difference.

Prediction: U22 Thailand 2-2 U22 Malaysia

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