Những câu nói hay về tình yêu lứa đôi ngọt ngào “chạm” đến trái tim

Love is expressed through special sayings, bringing sweet and happy feelings to the lover. Below are great love quotes worth referencing, helping you convey the wonderful feelings of love.

1. Because the earth is round, lovers will eventually return to each other.

2. Ten thousand times of care from ordinary people is not equal to one visit to a loved one.

3. “When we were young, we also lost our way, but we were still fine, up and down, so you’re still here” – Turns out you’re still here.

4. “I need more than 9 months to give you a whole heart, don’t let anyone break it easily…”

5. There are days when you should be filled with storms/ Where should you hide for peace?

6. One day we will meet someone for whom the word love comes before the word love.

Loyal love is love that will forever love someone for life.

7. Because people want to know the sadness of loneliness, they love someone who doesn’t love them back. People also want to know how to ask for pity, so they accept the request of someone they will never love.

8. Love cannot be predicted. Just love today, tomorrow it’s yours…

9. When you first fall in love, everything is beautiful in each other’s eyes. But then one day when emotions are cold, only criticism and fear remain in the heart. – Excerpt from Movie Club Friday the 7th

10. The most satisfying feeling in love is not holding someone’s hand and not letting go, but when experiencing many losses and changes, they still come back to hold your hand…

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11. The person who says he loves you is not sure what you can expect. But the person you expect will definitely love you…

12. Love brings an incomparable feeling of warmth when two people come together and stay together forever.

13. It only takes 3 seconds to say you love someone, but it will take a lifetime to prove it.

14. Love is a wine, it makes people pick a little, but makes them talk a lot.

15. Saying love a thousand times is not as good as saying need! A thousand words of need are not as good as one care.

16. There is nothing sweeter in life than the dream of youthful love.

17. The whole world’s golden breath passes by me, but in my eyes there is only you.

. All people are lonely, more or less, at one time or another. Simply because we are creatures that need to be loved… From The Boat Knitter – Miura Sion

19. Because I’m a girl, no matter how strong I am, I still need a shoulder when I’m weak.

20. To love is to die a little inside. Because how often do you love to be loved? (Xuan Dieu)

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