Những câu nói ngọt ngào dành cho các cặp đôi đang yêu

Use language to convey sweetness, making your other half feel the warmth like never before.

Love is a diverse, colorful and interesting reality. It brings different emotions, turns people into strong, loving people, but can also cause suffering and loneliness. This is an indispensable part of life, open your heart and express your mood through the quotes about happy love below.

1. “Even if you have been hurt 99 times, you must believe that the 100th time you will meet true love. Courageously continue on the path of love, not thinking about the pros and cons. Believe me, The end of the road is definitely happiness.”

2. Turns out, all of us, no matter how many places we go and are fascinated by, the place we most want to go at the end of our lives is still in each other’s hearts.

3. The happiest person in the world is not meeting the most wonderful people in the most beautiful days. It’s a person who watches himself grow old, not in the best years, but at the most suitable age, holding hands and walking together.

4. It doesn’t matter how much you love who, how much effort you put in for whom is what matters. In the end, people are always given reasons to leave, rather than reasons to try together.

5. In the end, meeting each other is doing God’s will. Whether we can strive to be together or not, it’s still doing people’s will.

6. Believe me, the sky is not always gray. It’s just sadness that makes me want to give up my green days.

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7. Sometimes you will have to separate from the person you love, but that separation does not make you love that person any less. On the contrary, distance makes you love that person more.

8. Love is like the wind, you can’t find it but you will always feel it.

9. The world is so big, having people ready to take care of it is part of happiness. People often put a lot of meanings into the word “love”, but actually its meaning is very simple: a person who, even to the last moment, will not leave you.

10. If you love two people at once, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first person, you wouldn’t have feelings for the second person.

11. Some people say, a beautiful love does not use you like a fierce wave, but caresses you like a gentle stream of water.

12. In relationships, think simply and everything will be simpler. Because the earth is round, people who love each other will come together.

13. When I remember everything related to a meaningful person, I always remember that person.

14. In this world there is always someone who makes you give up, choose even though he is bad, choose even though his bad deeds are full of them, but for you, it is not possible if he is not that person. This is called the number Pi, infinite and non-cyclical.

15. Loving someone is thinking about that person last before going to sleep and thinking about that person first when you wake up.

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16. One day, the sky will be clear and cloudy. We will definitely meet…

17. Love is sometimes just a moment of overcoming death. On that day, that hour, that minute, you met the person with whom, at first sight, you felt like you wanted to be together for the rest of your life. That’s it.

18. We come to love not to find a perfect person but to learn how to see an imperfect person in a wonderful way.

19. The happiest person in the world is the person you like at the same time who also likes you.

20. We all never knew why we loved that person, nor were we sure if we would be with that person forever. Just right about a certain resolution, among the textiles of tens of thousands, you feel finding a void in time suddenly reaching someone full.

21. Why do we have pale eyes when we sleep, cry, pray, imagine… Because the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen with the eyes but must be felt with the heart and mind. soul.

22. Fate is an extremely interesting thing. At some point, all the confusion in life will have an answer, that will be when everything returns to its right place. People who are born for each other will see each other and embrace each other in this life.

23. Falling in love, meeting each other is a match made in heaven, but being able to go together is an effort.

24. Couples always have their own songs. Music is the second language of favorite situations. It tells us stories… that sometimes need words.

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25. “Love is not food but it gives us all the spices… The sweetness of the beginning, the sourness of arguments, the bitterness of crying and the bitterness of having to accept and give up people but I’m afraid that it will follow me for the rest of my life…

26. Life is impermanent, time is limited. One more debugging time is also one less debugging time. May we cherish every moment of our lives.

27. There are things in life that cannot be bought and cannot be won, things that can only be given, and one of those things is love.

. Among thousands of people, I met someone. Meeting is fate. In the line of people’s thoughts, to people’s minds. let the mind be intentional. But in all relationships, meeting and paying attention to someone without knowing whether you should or shouldn’t is sincere.

29. In life, not all love is perfect, not all love is reciprocated with love, there are loves that silently appear and “whisper secretly love someone, just like this type of love.” The mysterious snail is in a dark and damp place, unknown to anyone but lush and green… Just knowing that I have loved, am in love and can love is already very happy.

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