Odi Soobin Pet Odi Txt Passed Aaway From A Disease: Watch Soobin’s Emotional Video

The pet of famous Korean K-pop artist Odi Soobin has passed away. His pet name is Odi Txt, now Odie is no longer in this world. This news has attracted the attention of Soobin fans. This sad news was shared by Soobin. He was really sad to share this news. he expressed his love for his pet. His fans are sending condolence messages to Soobin and people are praying for him and sending a lot of love. This news was shared by Soobin with the public on August 17, 2023, Thursday. There is news that the pet has died from illness. Please join us in discovering the death of Odi TXT in this article.

Pet Odi Soobin

Odi Soobin Pet Odi Txt has passed away

First, we will briefly introduce Odi Soobin, he is a famous and talented Korean singer and songwriter. He is a prominent figure in the K-pop industry. SOobin is a member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT). His incredible journey has earned him a lot of fame. He is very active on social media and he usually shares almost everything about his daily life on his Instagram account. He was introduced as the second member of TOMMOWWOW he.

Odi Soobin Pet Odi Txt has passed away

Soobin’s career took a major turn when he was introduced as the second member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER on January 13, 2019. TXT announced the news through a teaser video on YouTube. And finally, the whole group TXT debuted on March 4, 2019 with their first mini album titled “The Dream Chapter: STAR”. And the most exciting thing in his life was when he was announced as the new MC of a famous Korean group. music show “Music Bank” on July 20, 2020. Scroll down to the next paragraph to know about his pet’s death.

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Odi Soobin Pet Odi Txt

Unfortunately, last month, the pet of famous Korean entertainment star Soobin, Odi TXT, passed away. News of this death was shared by Soobin. He shared the heartbreaking news during a Weverse livestream. he held this broadcast to tell everyone how his pet died. So, he revealed that his pet Odi TXt died because the pet was paralyzed and it became the cause of Odi TXT’s death. This happened last month when Soobin was in Japan and behind him, his lover, Odi TXT, passed away.

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