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We think Twitter should be officially declared a controversial platform. Every day, there are many controversial videos posted online, attracting the attention of the whole world. Some of them are quite engaging and some have NSFW content etc. Mostly on Twitter, users post videos that attract the world’s attention and have viral content in them. This time too, people want to know about the latest viral video “Panko Tnk Twitter”. The name is quite confusing and people want to know about it.


Panko Tnk’s Twitter video

The entire social media was taken over by Pankotnk’s viral video on Twitter, which became such a novelty that every user was interested in watching it. Luckily, this viral video does not have any NSFW content and in fact, in the viral video, a Twitter user identified as Pankotnk took a look at his amazing and brilliant drawing skills by Sketch a portrait of a woman in just a few minutes. People were impressed with the user’s skills and appreciated him.

Additionally, there are many people who want to know about him and know more details about his personal life. Although it is not easy to get information, our sources are trying their best to get details about him and this viral video. Pankotnk’s journey as an artist began when he was young and found he loved drawing and sketching. He decided to develop his career in this field and started pursuing his dream and spent more time practicing as time passed, he improved his skills and became good at more every day.

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He then started uploading his work on social media platforms and thanks to his different unique style and skills, he attracted a lot of fans to share his work together, which makes him more of a viral personality. Recently, one of his sketch videos went viral in which he was seen drawing a portrait of a woman and people really loved it. He posted his video on Twitter and people appreciated his work and said he was very good at drawing. Several individuals were amazed by Pankotnk’s precision and care and it became a trending topic on the platform.

The success of Pankotnk’s video shows how powerful social media is and how people can use it in a positive way to showcase their creativity and talent to the whole world. His viral video drew attention to his unique style and helped him gain more followers on the social media platform.

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