Passengers caused a stir after sending a “harsh” survey about the airline mid-flight

A passenger had his movie interrupted by airline staff asking him to complete a survey and unleashed bad karma by giving a “snarky” response mid-flight.

While catching a flight may seem like a fun getaway to some, the reality can often be uncomfortable, long and boring. Luckily, many airlines offer a variety of entertainment to help you pass the time, from movies to music.

However, one airline recently discovered that providing service means nothing if people cannot enjoy it.

TikToker Mads Waller, who goes by ‘goonemadd’ online, captured the moment a frustrated passenger took revenge on flight attendants interrupting his movie by sending out a “harsh” survey. mid-flight.

Heading to an unknown destination, Waller filmed an older man sitting one row in front of her on the plane. While typing something on the screen in front of him, the camera angle zoomed in to show the man filling out a survey about the airline.

In it, he wrote, “You served frozen vegetables. You even interrupted my movie twice to ask me to do a survey.”

TikTok: goinggonemaddThe man did not hesitate to call out the airline that provided their “frozen solid” vegetables.

The video has since gone viral with over 2.5 million views and hundreds of comments applauding the man for his “quality” response.

“I’m on his side. Don’t bother me and don’t feed me frozen food [vegetables]. Never,” one person said. Another commented: “Speak your truth, king.”

Something tells us that this airline could be a little more careful next time they ask someone to fill out their survey. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our site here.

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