Paul Schmidt Vancouver Starbucks Stabbing Video Sparks Concern Reddit

Today we will share the horrifying news that happened in Vancouver. A man was seriously stabbed outside a Starbucks in Vancouver on Sunday, March 19, 2023. The man stabbed on Sunday is Paul Stanley Schmidt. This news caused a great shock to his family. This news is spreading on the internet since Sunday. Everyone is mourning for him. A lot of people want to know about the whole thing that happened in Vancouver. So we have collected a lot of information about this case. So, read the entire article to know about him and don’t skip any line if you want to know about this most dangerous case.

Twitter video of Vancouver stabbing

Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video Reddit

Paul Stanley Schmidt, the victim was stabbed to death Sunday night outside a Vancouver Starbucks. He died in front of his fiancee and three-year-old child. He is 37 years old. Paul used to be a worker at Starbucks. He used to live in Burnaby, BC This news is spreading on every social media platform. The whole incident happened when Paul asked a man not to smoke e-cigarettes in Starbucks. So the defendant started fighting with him and eventually stabbed Paul. Paul died on the spot. The defendant’s name is Inderdeep Singh Gosal, a 32-year-old man.

A man was stabbed to death outside a Starbucks in Vancouver.

— Asia Crime Report (@activeasian) March 28, 2023

The fact that this happened in broad daylight shows that it could happen to anyone.

– Bentley (@Bentleyawoods) March 28, 2023

I refuse to share the video of a defenseless Paul Schmidt being stabbed to death by an Indian immigrant at a Vancouver Starbucks in front of his daughter, fiance, and onlookers sipping coffee and filming video.

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I would say that is a great argument for carrying guns in Canada.

– Mr. Mustache (@evangelicalpleb) March 29, 2023

Instead of filming. Someone help him. Apply pressure, raise his head, sit next to him, hold his hand, and reassure him that he is not alone. GEEZE.. have we really lost our humanity?

– Smitty (@Smitty01864205) March 28, 2023

To all the people commenting here about filming and taking no action: it’s called the bystander effect. Google it. It could be the first time in their lives. Introspect and go back if you have ever helped anyone in this situation.

— Commonman (@commonman041) March 28, 2023

As an EMT, it’s sad that not one person tried to apply pressure to at least try to stop the bleeding, no matter how serious his injuries were.

– Fat Batman (SB CHAMPS) (@Keith00458068) March 28, 2023

Why do people use their phones to film instead of calling 911 and performing first aid/trauma care😳😳 #We are not the same #Stop the bleeding

– Tracey Wilson (@TWilsonOttawa) March 27, 2023

Why didn’t anyone help him? Whose video is this? Why do they just film and do nothing?

— Noelle (Not Tony at all, but not Tony either) (@Noellenarwhal) March 28, 2023

There’s something wrong with this world when people stand around and film while a guy dies and no one tries to help. This wouldn’t have happened before social media.

– px4stormtrooper (@PX4stormtrooper) March 28, 2023

Inderdeep Singh Gosal is a khalistani, Police arrested Inderdeep and he was charged with second degree murder of a Starbucks employee. According to sources, Inderdeep is a khalistani supporter and he attended pro-khalistani rallies in Canada on Sunday, outside the Indian High Commission. Police are currently investigating this case. He killed Paul outside a Starbucks in Vancouver, Canada. He killed Paul in front of Paul’s fiancée and his three-year-old daughter. After stabbing Paul, Paul was taken to the hospital immediately after being stabbed by Inderdeep.

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Twitter video of Vancouver stabbing

This whole thing is so horrible. Now locals in Vancouver are afraid to leave their homes because of the Khalistanis. The video of Paul being stabbed by Inderdeep is circulating online. As we saw in the video, in the video we see the worst thing is when Paul was stabbed, at that time all the locals just stood there watching and filming the video. Vancouver authorities and Paul’s family have asked that the video not be shared online because it is very disturbing. We also won’t share that video because it is illegal. So this is all about this case, we will share more updates about this case soon. So please follow us.

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