Phát sốt Clip TikToker Gấm Kami nghi bị lộ clip nóng 12 phút, ‘chính chủ’ phản ứng ra sao?

Nowadays, kamikaze clip is one of the popular keywords on the internet social media and bearer community is hunting and searching for it.

For all of you who want to see the latest viral videos that are currently trending topics, so will provide you with the latest detailed service information. Clip TikToker Gam Kami suspects a 12-minute hot clip, ‘the owner’ reacts rone star. Let’s refer!

Recently, on social networks suddenly spread sensitive images and clips of more than 10 minutes that are said to be of the “bill of billiards” Gam Kami.

Specifically, a video on TikTok posted the overwhelming visual content of Gam Kami, attached with the words: ‘The hottest girl tonight’. According to many comments below the video, it is related to making this girl reveal a hot clip with a length of 12 minutes.

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Immediately after the information was posted, although it is not clear what the truth is, making Hot TikToker Gam Kami suspect that the hot clip was revealed quickly spread with speed, speeding up a wave of ‘please link’. in countless closed groups.

In addition, a series of related keywords such as ‘Kami brocade’, ‘Kami brocade show link’, ‘Dam Kami link for 12 minutes’, ‘Gam Kami display hot clip’… also quickly ‘climbed’ the top search. sword.

According to research, there is no clip of Gam Kami as many people expect. All links to shared videos are broken and most likely contain malicious code that harms technological devices when clicked.

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The previously uploaded video is now deleted. It is known that this is also a fake account, the video is made mainly to catch views.

As soon as he announced the leak of a private clip, Gam Kami immediately spoke up. On her Instagram story, she posted a clip with a scowling face with the same line sharing that in the morning, she saw messages from people online that she revealed a hot clip. Click Kami but reply to feedback: ‘Who has a link to send me, please help me find it’.

Click Kami ‘please link’ to watch the hot clip going viral in which she reluctantly gets to be the main character.

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This reaction of Gam Kami was considered to confirm the story that she did not reveal the 12-minute clip like on the community social network. Most netizens think that the “bill of billiards” has a smart handling phase, and at the same time affirms that at the moment, her condition is “unlucky”, so where does the clip come from?

Gam Kami’s real name is Hong Gam, born in 2000, currently a student at Hanoi Law University. Currently, she owns a personal page with more than 237 followers and a TikTok channel of 8.3 million followers.

‘Holy billiards’ is a hot TikToker with 8.3 million followers.

Before annoying social media with questionable clips, Gam Kami is a hot TikToker that stands out with funny dance cover videos or plays funny stories with friends. On that shore, she also has an innocent, youthful face but an attractive body with unique colors.

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Not only that, Gam Kami also attracts the attention of many online communities with the ability to play billiards “top of the top”. The billiard clips posted by Gam Kami have up to millions of views and attract thousands of comments.

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If you want to watch the clip of TikToker Gam Kami, click here to see a hot clip of 12 minutes

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