RHOA Season 16 reboot disappoints fans as legacy cast is about to be eliminated

The BravoTV Nation is shaken after learning that the sequel to Atlanta’s Real Housewives will likely drop the cast in favor of an entirely new role in the reboot of the show.

With the RHOA Season 15 reunion coming out on Sunday, September 3, fans may never have imagined the latest BravoTV news about owners of their favorite peaches.

While RHOA’s ratings are doing well, sources reveal that the Sequel could be a bit different, as a reboot has been hinted at – leaving fans shocked to think that the cast Successors like Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield are likely to leave the show.

Details on the supposed reboot are near and far. However, the fan reaction is more or less negative, as many are having a hard time figuring out why the production is leaning towards firing their current co-stars and filling their spaces. with new faces.

Sources close to RHOA franchise reveal reboot details

RHOA Season 15 is filled with peach juice from the ladies of Atlanta. By the time the Season ended, housewives like Drew Sidora had been keeping fans on their toes with her alleged relationship with former WNBA player Tamara “Ty” Young while still married to her husband. She is Ralph.

Sanya Richards Ross also caught the attention of BravoTV fans this Season as the production followed her journey of pregnancy and heartbreaking miscarriage.

While the show’s ratings haven’t dropped to uncharted levels, it’s widely assumed that Season 16 will feature a new cast, as a source close to the series told ET, “A big change. coming to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Before the women filmed the recent reunion, they were told they should expect a big change as the series moves forward.”

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The source continued, “They hint at a reboot like New York did, but it could also move forward with just a few current stars. The cast is worried about their future and doesn’t know where the network plans to go. Although their ratings are still high, the network is listening to their fans and their desire for change.”

Instagram: realhousewivesofatlantathetotaltea Drew Sidora, Sheree Whitfield, Marlo Hampton, Kenya Moore and Sanya Richards Ross.

Since then, fans have reacted to the news, devastated by the thought that there won’t be any more ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ moments with Kandi Burruss, “Gone With the Wind” moments from Kenya Moore, or the ‘She by Sheree’ moment with Sheree Whitfield.

One RHOA fan took to Reddit to share their feelings about the possibility of a reboot and said: “I hope not. I don’t want this to be a precedent. The real housewives of Orange County have found their way back with a little patience, Atlanta can too.”

While another commented on the change as a result of production, saying: “I’m sorry, but I would be VERY upset if this happened. Because as we’ve seen over the past few weeks, women especially have a lot to do. They have stories and conflicts, but they are not highlighted because PRODUCTION refuses to show it.”

While fans aren’t really opposed to the RHOA reboot yet, it’s clear that the majority are opposed to a possible Sequel change, as another fan even said, “Sorry. , but how can they consider this! Bravo should restart the producers because they are clearly the problem… Bravo would be foolish to go down this path.”

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The RHOA stars have yet to comment on a possible reboot. However, the upcoming reunion may reveal more insight into why change is required. RHOA fans can tune in to BravoTV this Sunday at 8pm to watch the Season 15 reunion. The episode will also air on Peacock the following day.

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