RHOSLC’s Jen Shah is reportedly befriending con artist Elizabeth Holmes in prison

A representative for Jen Shah gave an update on the RHOSLC star’s situation in prison, saying she has befriended Theranos scammer Elizabeth Holmes.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah made headlines in March 2021 when she was arrested for a telemarketing and fraud scheme that raked in millions USD that many of her businesses do not take into account.

Three years passed before Shah was arrested, and Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was also charged with fraud (in a separate case), then convicted and sent to prison in 2022.

The connection here is that both Shah and Holmes were held in the same facility, the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas.

Not only were Shah and Holmes in the same prison, but they also began a friendship, spending time together as they both served their years together.

Instagram: Jen Shah of vandypopRHOSLC and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos bonded while at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, TX.

Jen Shah’s representative said Shah and Holmes have “changed a lot behind bars.”

Although Shah and Holmes initially tried to avoid the fraud charges, the two women ultimately pleaded guilty when their case finally went to court for sentencing.

Shah was charged with fraud against the elderly in 2021, she pleaded guilty in 2022 and was sent to prison in Texas for 6.5 years.

As for Holmes, she is the founder of Theranos, a medical technology company that promised that its devices only needed a small amount of blood to determine a medical diagnosis, which was later found to be false truth. Holmes was ultimately sentenced to 11 years and 3 months because the entire concept of Theranos was a lie.

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Although Shah and Holmes were not friends before their imprisonment, Shah’s representative, Chris Giovanni, told People Magazine that the two had become close, saying that the duo were “both recovery and togetherness as we embark on this journey of positive change.”

Giovanni continued, “Circumstances brought them together and they understood each other well. They are getting through it together.”

Not only is Shah close to Holmes, serving as a friend to her, but she is also essentially a mother figure to the disgraced businesswoman, as Giovanni also told People, “Jen gave her lots of advice. She even met Elizabeth’s baby and held it.” Giovanni even noted that Shah had been “very fond” of Holmes during their time in prison.

Not only that, Giovanni also shared that both Shah and Holmes “changed a lot behind bars”. In fact, Shah organizes a workout program for inmates called “Incredible Abs.”

Giovanni explained his routine, saying, “Jen gathered all the ladies together and they gathered behind her while she taught them gymnastics moves, and Elizabeth was there with her.” with them.”

It is also revealed that Shah has graduated from her anger management class and appears, as Giovanni puts it, “ready to reunite.”

Although both Shah and Holmes have many years left in Federal prison, it is clear that they have tried to make the best of the situation together.

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