Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video: Who Killed Rhys Bonner?

It is known that the murder case of Rhys Bonner has been clarified after 3 years of the tragic case. Furthermore, the family of the former has pleaded for justice to be served. You are requested to read the article and continue reading for more details. Stay tuned with us for all the details. According to reports, Bonner disappeared from his house in July 2019. It is learned that his mother registered a missing FIR and the investigation was launched the next day. After two weeks of intense searching and disappearance, his body was discovered in wetlands between Easterhouse and Gartloch Village. It was tested within a day or two after the body was discovered. According to Rhys’s death certificate, the cause of his death is still unclear. His mother, Stephanie Bonner, launched an investigation after becoming dissatisfied with the police department’s nearly three-year explanation. Continue reading for more details.

Rhys Bonner

Video by Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond

A viral video by Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video has become a topic of public interest. Rhys Bonner’s death has captivated the public for the past three years. The case has attracted the attention of many people who want to learn the truth. In July 2019, Rhys mysteriously disappeared from his home. The next day, his distraught mother quickly reported what had happened and an investigation was initiated. Rhy’s body was found in wetlands between Easterhouse and Gartloch Village two weeks after he went missing.

Rhys Bonner

However, authorities investigated the cause of his death but the results were uncertain and inconclusive. Stephanie Bonner begins an investigation into her son’s death after becoming dissatisfied with police reluctance. She was determined to find the truth and leave the case behind for the past three years. Here’s everything you need to know about Rhys Bonner’s family. Scroll down to the next section to learn the same.

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Rhys Bonner

It is known that a body was found in the Rhys Bonner Murder case after 3 years of investigation. Two weeks after Bonner’s death, his body was discovered but his mother was not satisfied with the police investigation. According to his mother, she has concluded her investigation and the police do not agree with the family member. She pleaded with the police to look into the case before starting an investigation, which had 26 complaints on file and discovered that four of them were not taken seriously by the police. According to Stephanie, there was a lack of evidence and therefore the police officials made some mistakes and they did not mention the location of the body.

Rhys Bonner

It is known that the last person Rhys saw before disappearing was Donna Drummond. Drummond was captured on camera in Provence on Balcurive Street. They were seen entering a common location where drinking and drug abuse occurred together. Regarding the suspect, Rhys’s family said the police knew the suspect and had a romantic relationship with her. She is the only suspect identified in the investigation, to date no additional suspects have been identified.

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