Roman Reigns gave the perfect gift to the WWE fan who recreated his entrance at the wedding

Published: 2024-03-31T13:20:18 ❘ Updated: 2024-03-31T13:20:30

A groom has gone viral on social media after perfectly recreating Roman Reigns’ WWE entrance at his wedding and even got the seal of approval from Reigns himself.

A die-hard WWE fan named Bruins Hogan walked down the aisle in style and paid homage to Roman Reigns by recreating his famous walk in a viral clip.

As The Bloodline’s iconic entrance music played, the groom walked out with his group with a replica championship belt in hand and the WWE Tribal Chief’s Ula Fala around his neck.

They suddenly stopped and encouraged the crowd to cheer, as Hogan then did The Bloodline’s pose while fireworks went off behind them to mark the occasion.

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Millions of views and thousands of comments later on various social platforms, the clip quickly went viral overnight.

So much so that it even caught the attention of Roman Reigns himself, who gave the groom his perfect stamp of approval and replied, “Alliance admitted.” With the groom getting married and receiving an unbelievable gift from his wrestling hero, things couldn’t have been any better.

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