Selena Gomez was criticized again for “ripping” artist Sarah Bahbah

In an Instagram video, Palestinian-Australian artist Sarah Bahbah claimed Selena Gomez tore up her work again.

In 2018, Instagram users accused Selena Gomez of plagiarizing the work of Palestinian-Australian artist Sarah Bahbah. From lighting and composition to the use of captions overlaid on images, Gomez’s work surrounding her ‘Back to You’ video has drawn outrage from all corners of the Internet.

“I also don’t claim to own the use of captions on images, but it is definitely a mark of my work that has further established me in this industry,” Bahbah said at the time.

Now, Gomez is under fire again for allegedly stealing Bahbah’s short film and other works.

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Artist Sarah Bahbah claims Selena Gomez cheated on her again

Palestinian-Australian artist Sarah Bahbah posted a side-by-side comparison photo on Instagram to prove that Selena Gomez allegedly copied her work for the “Love On” video.

“What I’m about to share often happens to women of color in this industry,” Bahbah says in one reel. “On Friday morning, I woke up to texts from friends saying things like ‘Um, have you seen Selena Gomez’s “Love On” music video? She’s cheating on you again.’”

Among other things, Bahbah points out that Gomez’s ‘Love On’ visual borrows specific elements from her own short films, as well as a directed video for Kygo. She also accused Gomez of filming her music video in the same location as one of her many projects.

“I used to believe that imitation was the highest form of flattery,” she continued. “When does an artist inspire others to cross the line into being able to use another person’s work without permission? Where is the line between inspiration and a fucking IP lawsuit?”

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Immediately after posting the video, Bahbah was forced to turn off comments due to a series of hateful responses allegedly coming from Selena Gomez fans. “I really don’t feel like being abused on this lovely Sunday,” she wrote before turning her attention to the positive conversations her post sparked.

“I really appreciated the love, the intellectual feedback, the lecture, the conversation about Inspiration and intellectual property infringement,” she said. “I believe these conversations need to continue to happen throughout the entertainment industry.”

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