Sidemen FC win Sidemen 2023 charity match vs YouTube All-Stars: Goals, highlights and more

The Sidemen charity match will return in 2023 with participation from YouTubers and creators from around the world. After the huge success of 2022, this year’s match is even bigger.

The 2023 Sidemen charity match is being held at the London Stadium on September 9, where more than 60,000 seats have been booked.

More attention than ever, Sidemen FC once again maintained their winning streak against YouTube All-Stars. This year’s score is 8-5. For those who missed it, here are all the highlights.

2023 Sidemen charity match report and highlights

As always, the match started and the goals quickly followed. Not only Irons fans, Behzinga opened the score 1-0 for Sidemen FC in the eighth minute. A mistake from YouTube Allstars’ JiDion allowed the long-time West Ham supporter to score at the club’s home ground London Stadium in front of 60,000 fans.

However, Sidemen FC’s lead was short-lived. Just a few minutes later, ChrisMD equalized the score, bringing the two teams to a 1-1 draw. Returning a corner kick to the Sidemen, an incredible long ball from Filly put the Jersey-born YouTuber in a great position to score. Dribbling past multiple defenders in the penalty area, ChrisMD’s shot was no match for KSI between the goalposts.

While the match started with two quick goals, however, the score quickly slowed. Still, the game was certainly entertaining, with moments like IShowSpeed ​​leaving the crowd stunned as he tried to tackle MrBeast.

When the first half ended, it was Miniminter who broke the deadlock in the score. A passing ball from Sidemen star TBJZL found its way to MM7, and with WillNE in pursuit, he eventually got past the defender and xQc in goal – giving Sidemen FC a 2-1 lead.

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Once again, the lead did not last long. Quickly changing the tempo of the game, the YouTube Allstars returned fire, just like before, Filly leading the attack. Dribbling the ball past several defenders in the penalty area, the ball was passed to Chunkz, allowing the Beta Squad member to take a shot at goal.

Taking his chance, the ball appeared to be heading straight into the top right corner, where KSI was already on the line. However, the ball deflected off Wrotetoshaw’s shoulder and into the opposite goal. KSI was unable to save, putting pressure on both teams when the score was 2-2 after the first half ended.

Fortunately, the second half of the match was as intense as the first half. Quickly opening the score again, Miniminter and Manny combined to help Sidemen FC take the lead.

With some quick passing back and forth across the field, Miniminter gave Manny the perfect opportunity to take the lead, and he fired straight at goal.

Just seconds after scoring, Sidemen FC took the lead again, where once again Mininter were at the forefront of the attack. Taking advantage of the unique opportunity and shooting from outside the penalty area, xQc rushed to save the goal. Unfortunately, Manny waited for the rebound, leaving the score 4-2 for the Sidemen.

As hopes for the Allstars dwindled, spirits were high again when IShowSpeed ​​were awarded a penalty. Being 2 goals ahead, it was an important opportunity for the YouTube team to regain the game. However, super fan Ronaldo was unable to imitate his idol. The penalty was saved by the hands of ‘The Nightmare’ KSI.

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However, all hope was not lost for YouTube Allstars as just a few minutes later Max Fosh scored on his debut with an incredible shot from outside the box. Allstars still have a target behind them.

Following in the footsteps of his brother Manny, TBJZL extended the lead for Sidemen FC. The goal was almost left open after a mistake by xQc and JiDion, creating an unmissable opportunity for Tobi.

The action doesn’t stop there. Once again just minutes later, Manny proved his worth for Sidemen FC, scoring his third goal of the day and scoring a hat-trick thanks to an assist from his brother.

It wouldn’t be a Sidemen charity match without the crowd cheering Vikkstar on to score. Although the 28-year-old couldn’t put the ball in the net himself, he still made an impact down the field when he assisted fellow Sidemen member Wrotetoshaw.

After Vikkstar’s pass, Wrotetoshaw stunned the audience with a beautiful shot from outside the penalty area, going straight into the top right corner, leaving xQc with absolutely no chance.

The score is still 7-4 for the Sidemen, but the YouTube Allstars still have some fight left in them. Leading towards goal thanks to IShowSpeed’s pass, Niko Omilana gave the Allstars a glimmer of hope after passing KSI.

Finally, after a tense match for the influencers on the field, MrBeast’s Tareq found the back of the net, making the score 8-5.

Sidemen 2023 charity match full replay

The full game is available to review via Sidemen’s YouTube channel, so if you want the full experience, be sure to check it out below.

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Ultimately, the 2023 Sidemen Charity Match raised over £2,425,855, which will be split between five different charities.

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