Spanish Twitch streamer was angry when he was groped by a random man during a live stream

A Twitch streamer was left disgusted after a man randomly touched her without her consent and did so while live streaming on camera in front of all viewers.

Spanish streamer Gonsabella, who streams primarily in the Travel & Outdoors category, has over 665,000 followers on Twitch at the time of writing, going live almost every day to showcase his what she does during the day and where she goes.

This includes a lot of time in the gym, on the beach or in various similar places, enjoying the Spanish sunshine.

However, she was stunned during her September 20 livestream, when she was talking in the live chat and a random man sitting behind her leaned forward and appeared to touch at her, immediately causing Gonsabella to turn around, angry at the man, while his friend tried to defuse the situation.

The streamer was clearly uncomfortable with the situation afterward and didn’t escalate too much, but eventually moved away to distance himself from the man.

She later posted the clip to Twitter with the simple caption “En Fin,” which can be loosely translated as “anyway” or “the end.”

She then responded to some harmful comments suggesting that her wearing a bikini could be an issue, saying “no one commented that there were two guys without shirts,” criticizing double standards.

Gonsabella still broadcast live the next day, putting the unpleasant incident behind to continue providing regular entertainment for fans.

This certainly isn’t the first time a woman has faced this issue in a public space, nor is it the first time it’s happened live on Twitch. Many female live streamers have found themselves grabbed or propositioned by random men while live streaming.

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