Starbucks lover criticized for sharing ‘Karen’ hack to avoid drive-through lines

A woman posted a Starbucks hack to her TikTok, only to receive backlash from viewers after they heard the ‘Karen’ way she got free drinks in the drive-thru line .

Every once in a while, it’s nice to get something for free. Whether the person in line ahead of you pays first or the employee gives you a little something extra, it’s simply fine.

But for Starbucks-loving TikToker Michelle, she has a pretty sneaky way to get something for free — that something is Starbucks drinks.

Since sharing her viral video to TikTok, Michelle has come under fire from viewers as some labeled her a “Karen” for falsely claiming she received a free Starbucks drink. fee for drive-through service.

Unsplash: gema saputeraTikToker only revealed her Starbucks drink hack because she “left the US”.

The Starbucks lover called viewers “stupid” for criticizing her for her free drinks trick

Even though she poked fun at herself and jokingly asked viewers not to spread her TikTok videos to go viral, Michelle’s Starbucks hack certainly took social media by storm.

For Michelle, waiting in line at Starbucks is hard work, so she came up with a way to get free drinks to make up for the time spent waiting in line.

In her viral video, Michelle explains that she will call ahead to say she was late for work or missed an interview while waiting in line for a drink at Starbucks. When in reality, she probably hasn’t even ordered her own drink yet. .

Then she proceeds to drive up to the window and pick up her Starbucks order for free or 50% off – every time.

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After TikTokers heard her drinking tip, they flocked to her comments section to criticize her for lying. Not only that, some people even praised her as ‘Karen’, saying that she was displaying “Karen manners”.

Other reactions include, “Your time management problem is not their problem” and “Hopefully they don’t give you anything else for free. Not a hack, but you seem entitled and need to manage your time like most adults.”

One commenter even criticized Michelle for lying: “You are getting free stuff and discounts the wrong way. But do you, oh.”

Some viewers even called her “narcissistic” and urged her to delete her video so she wouldn’t receive the backlash she ended up receiving. Not to mention, she could be banned from Starbucks if an employee watches her video.

In Michelle’s video, she also explains why she decided to share her Starbucks drink tip: “I’m only telling you because I’m leaving America.”

Michelle also posted a second video in response to the criticism, saying: “Being gifted and stealing are two completely different things.” She continued: “If they choose to give me free Starbucks or they choose to give me 50% off, that’s not stealing, you idiot. Don’t be mad because I’m just following my path.”

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