Steve McBee Sr. of McBee Dynasty reveals their “biggest fear” for family and their success

Published: 2024-04-01T21:03:29 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-01T21:03:41

Steve McBee Sr. of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys spoke with Dexerto in an exclusive interview about his biggest fear for his family and their success.

Steve McBee Sr. of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys, is a father of four sons who have worked hard toward the success of their 40,000-acre ranch in Gallatin, Missouri.

As someone whose work ethic was instilled in him by his father, Steve Sr. tells Dexerto the importance of his sons Jesse, Steven Jr., Brayden and Cole earning what they have by working hard.

“Work ethic means a lot to me. That really shows a person’s character,” Steve Sr. said. speak.

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He continued, “It creates a lot of value in an individual who has to earn something. Nothing good comes from anything given. When someone [is given] something, they will never appreciate or understand its value.”

He also hopes that his son’s future children will want to raise and work on the farm. And, like the cycle his father created with him, he hopes that McBee’s legacy will continue to be honored as it deserves.

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Steve Sr. even mentioning his “biggest fear” has “always” been “If we become the richest people out there, I will never make them trust the kids from the foundation — They will have to earn it to appreciate it.”

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As for the future of McBee Farms, founded in 1974, Steve Sr. said he and his family are looking forward to having more “farm to fork” opportunities with their livestock.

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To catch up on The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys, fans can tune in to Peacock where Season 1 has been released in full. There will also be episodes released on USA Network.

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