“Strange” Twitch mod orders clothes to the streamer’s address without permission

A Twitch streamer was visibly upset after her mod made the “bizarre” decision to order clothes to her address without her consent.

For streamers hoping to find an online audience and gain a following, moderators—also known as mods—play an important role in ensuring any chat behavior remains compliant content standards.

Most mods are usually not paid for their work, they volunteer their time and effort to streamers they love and admire. However, this means that sometimes boundaries are crossed and parasocial relationships are formed.

This was certainly the case for Twitch streamer ‘Karii’, who was clearly uncomfortable after a “weird” mod ordered clothes for him to her address… all without permission .

Streaming on Just Chatting, Karii received a package and was about to open it when her mod, Grublex, revealed in the chat that it was actually for him.

“Wait what? ‘I bought an Oodie to Karii’s address…’” Karii read the message out loud. “Oh, so this is for you? Wait, Grublex, why did you do that? What the hell?”

Confused, she asked Grublex why he was using her address, to which he replied, “To save money so I can give away more subscribers.” He also informed the streamer that he didn’t mind if she opened the package, however Karii was not impressed with his antics.

“Okay, that was weird. That’s strange, don’t ever do that again. Please,” Karii warned. “It was a stalker mode kind of thing. Please don’t do that.”

The clip was shared to Reddit, with one person theorizing that Grublex “did it to have an excuse like ‘Hey, can I come by and pick up that package? [in real life]’ 100%. The oldest trick in the book is to leave a sweater at a girl’s house so you have an excuse to go back to her place and see her.”

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Another said, “This mod is weird, Grublex can’t catch the hint and the error persists. [the] chat for a while and pretend like it’s not weird to do that and then play the victim card. It’s hard to watch.”

Others encouraged Karii to remove Grublex from her mod list and ban him for her own safety.

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