Streamer Kick breaks world record after 164 hours without sleep

Streamer KickedPrime has broken the world record for the longest streamer without sleep at 164 hours.

When it comes to the world of streaming, some creators hold some pretty impressive records. Whether it’s peak viewership records like millions of concurrent viewers, to back-to-back month-long spin-offs, major milestones have been set.

Now, a Kick streamer named ‘GiftedPrime’ has broken the Guinness World Record for longest stream without sleep.

Streamer Kick breaks world record after 164 hours of live streaming

This record was previously set two years ago by ‘ThisFudginGuy’ – who spent 162 hours without sleep on television. However, GiftedPrime has now completely broken the previous record. On September 1, the Kick streamer surpassed 164 hours of live without sleep – almost seven days.

Surprisingly, the previous record holder ‘ThisFudginGuy’ was even present on GiftedPrime’s livestream to congratulate him when he broke the record, where they also gave insight into the reasons Why wasn’t their record confirmed by Guinness?

They wrote: “The reason Guinness won’t confirm my record is because they want me to pay someone to review the 162 hours of footage without me paying for it.”

However, it certainly hasn’t been easy for GiftedPrime, who revealed that he’s been trying to break the record for two years. After convincing himself to give it another chance after many failed attempts, he finally did it.

“Just broke @ThisFudginGuy Twitch’s no sleep record! 161 hours and 37 minutes of continuous live streaming without sleep! All done on the best streaming platform,” Prime wrote on Twitter.

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He added: “Yes, just 7 days without sleep! Can we get to 200 hours?”

It seems, a war between the two streamers may have begun, as the previous record holder teased their return to Twitch to break the record. “Now I have to go back to streaming to beat your record,” they said, adding a tongue-in-cheek expression.

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