Summer House fans believe Kory Keefer cheated on Samantha Feher

A new Deuxmoi rumor alleges that Kory from Summer House is cheating on his Winter House girlfriend and everyone believes it.

From Lindsay and Carl calling off their engagement to the shocking rumor that he was behind their relationship and almost got another girl pregnant, Summer House fans recently witnessed ​​the drama is nonstop – and it won’t stop anytime soon.

Lindsay & Carl aren’t the only famous couple on the series. Another couple is Kory Keefer and his Winter House star girlfriend Samantha Feher.

The two confirmed their relationship in April 2023. However, after just a few months, their romance may have fizzled out.

Did Summer House’s Kory cheat on Samantha?

On September 8, the Summer House Reddit thread revealed a new rumor about Deuxmoi. The popular gossip brand received an anonymous tip that Kory was allegedly having affairs with other women. This person also claimed that despite the reality star’s efforts to cover up his infidelity, there is still evidence.

Judging by the comments section, viewers didn’t question the accusations for a second.

One fan wrote: “Of course he’s cheating. They live in different cities and he mainly sells energy drinks and protein powders. He has to take all that toxic rage somewhere behind the gym and doesn’t have time to cope.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “Wow… that happened. I finally fully trust deux moi’s obscure post.”

Kory has yet to publicly address the rumors. Who knows, maybe these accusations will be brought up in Season 8, or the reunion? Only time will tell.

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