Summer House’s Carl Radke speaks out after breaking up with Lindsay Hubbard: “I’m crushed”

Summer House’s Carl Radke has broken his silence after calling off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard, saying he’s “heartbroken,” despite being the one who called off the wedding.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard have been exclusive since 2019 before getting engaged in 2022.

The now-split couple met in 2016 while filming Summer House and eventually became attracted to each other, leading to plans for a fall 2023 wedding.

Although Radke called off the wedding just a few weeks ago, shocking Hubbard, as he did while filming Season 8 of Summer House, he has finally broken his silence about the failed engagement .

Instagram: carlradkeCarl Radke shocked his ex Linsday Hubbard by calling off their engagement while filming Season 8 of Summer House.

Carl Radke apologizes for breaking off his engagement with Lindsay Hubbard

Radke recently broke off her engagement to Hubbard. Even though the production wasn’t filming at the time, he called them over to get the cameras – while Hubbard didn’t know what was going to happen.

The breakup will reportedly air on Season 8 of Summer House, which is scheduled to premiere in early 2024.

However, before BravoTV fans could get a glimpse of the shocking content, Radke released a statement in the form of a letter in which he said he was “crushed.”

In his rather lengthy letter, Radke explained his regret: “Words cannot express how difficult the past two weeks have been for Lindsay and me. We deeply apologize to all guests for the confusion and lack of communication. We had to try to figure out how exactly all of this happened before we could even have a chance to determine a path forward between us.”

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Radke continued, “There have been a lot of false narratives and misunderstandings that make this even more painful but sadly at this time we will not be going ahead with the wedding.”

He then asked for patience from fans, friends and family, saying: “The truth of the matter is that Lindsay is heartbroken and I’m very disappointed with the way all of this played out. I graciously ask for a little patience and grace for healing and recovery as we navigate this incredibly difficult time.”

Since Radke and Hubbard’s wedding was a ceremony held in Mexico, Radke also apologized in his statement for guests who had already purchased plane tickets and booked hotel rooms.

Although Radke wrote a letter to his loved ones, Hubbard has not yet issued a statement about their engagement.

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