Tâm thư C.E.O Nguyễn Minh Khang thân gửi đại gia đình LDG Investment

Dear LDG Investment family,

Perhaps recently, we have had other, more certain experiences with the COVID pandemic – 19 years ago. Many events happen that cause us to encounter unexpected difficulties and changes that need to be handled urgently and in a timely manner.

Never before have we had to urgently move an office and disrupt operations.

We have never had to connect with each other to complete a social networking application. We have never seen the company be quiet because it had to arrange staff to work from home like recently.

And never before have we had to comfortably solve a problem that needs to be solved quickly, promptly and accurately like just now.

Above all,

The company has overcome many challenges and is ready for many scenarios in case the impact of the pandemic occurs.

We have responded to the call and arranged for the company to participate in testing to ensure the safety of each employee, temporarily move offices to respond to emergency situations, and work together remotely. . Meanwhile, we have always been connected to equip ourselves with difficulties,

Right now, more than ever, they are accompanying the functional standards of agencies preparing for 15 days of fighting the impact of the pandemic according to the government’s new directives.

As the most responsible and direct operator of the company, I hope that you will join forces and promote our inherent spirit of solidarity. Brothers and sisters need to calm down, no need to worry. Trust the company and always encourage regulations and recommendations to ensure the health of yourself, your loved ones and society.

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In order to support and accompany you, the company has decided to select all women to take PCR tests once a week and extend the time until the epidemic is controlled. The cost will make full payment.

The most important thing is that at this time, I believe that everyone will comfortably understand, share and connect as well as increase responsibility to achieve the best work efficiency no matter where they work. At the same time, please firmly believe in the company’s development direction, where you can contribute more and grow even stronger after the most difficult solutions of the pandemic.

I believe that after this period the company will still be stable and growing. We will overcome it very gently and quickly even though we have trust and the federation works together. LDG Investment.

Wishing you and your family always healthy and happy.

Friendly welcome,

Nguyen Minh Khang


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