TDSB Drag Queen Storytime: ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ coming to public school near you

A school in Toronto is in the news and people want to know why. According to reports, the Toronto public school board no longer asks parents for permission for students to attend drag queen storytelling events. The decision was made after parents of students at an elementary school expressed concerns that the consent form implied that Pride activities were different from other performances in the school. According to the parents, the performance is also very risky and they don’t want their children to get hurt.

TDSB Drag Queen Storytime

TDSB Drag Queen Storytime

The changes in direction come as there are ongoing tensions surrounding Pride Day celebrations in schools, including the York Catholic School Board voting against a motion to fly the flag at headquarters and calls for provincial anti-Pride protests on Thursday, June 1, 2023 as schools fly rainbow flags. The reports added that parents of students at Bruce Public School in Leslieville received an email they received last Friday and a paper form Monday stating they needed to approve a upcoming “tour”.

It was an afternoon of storytelling in the school gym by Gila Munster, a Toronto drag queen and a Toronto District School Board-approved performer who came to work at other educational institutions. For those who don’t know, let them know that “Tour Forms” are often provided for off-campus field trips. While the school’s Pride Day events plan a march around the block and a flag ceremony, special permission is required for drag queen storytime.

According to the report, in a follow-up email to the school community, Kristina Wessenger-Macdonald acknowledged some families had expressed their concerns with the process but that it was not a school or individual decision. . She described that the regional director informed her that a recent board-wide directive required that all drug queen appearances be considered required parental consent. Although after the Toronto Star asked the principal, Belinda Longe, the superintendent and the TDSB, the school board admitted on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 that the first direction had proposed forms of permission.

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Ryan Bird’s mouthpiece said “At some elementary schools, Drag Queen Storytime events have been held. Because we realize this may be a new experience for some younger students, we make sure their families are aware of it. If they have a wish or concern for their child to participate in various activities at the time of the event, they can contact the educational institution directly.”

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