The 10 Best Bond Girls in the Franchise’s History

One of the most memorable aspects of Bond movies, besides the gadgets and action, are the Bond girls. Throughout the series’ history, 007’s love interest or female companion has always been the basis of each film. From the beautiful appearance of Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder in the first film Doctor no to the charismatic Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann in the 2015s the spectreThe Bond girl has evolved from 007’s toy into an intelligent and independent woman on par with the famous female spy.

As a leader There’s no time to die hype up, we’ve looked back at the long-running spy franchise and picked our favorite Bond girls.

10. Solitare (Life and Death)

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The talented Jane Seymour once played a Bond girl when she played a clairvoyant named Solitaire.

What is surprising is that the way the character is written in Ian Fleming’s novel is slightly different from how she is portrayed in the film. In the book, Solitaire is portrayed as the lover of the villain Kananga, but is portrayed as a virgin in the film adaptation.

There’s probably no other Bond girl on this list whose sexual encounter with Bond actually had an impact on her character. As long as she remains a virgin, Solitaire maintains her clairvoyant powers. But we all know what happens when any girl meets Bond.

It’s interesting to see the aftermath of her sexual encounter with Bond and her incapacitation as part of the plot. Solitaire has a certain level of mystery that very few other Bond girls have.

9. Colonel Wai Lin (Tomorrow Never Dies)


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Portrayed by Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who is famous for her many roles in Hong Kong action and kung-fu films, Colonel Wai Lin is another Bond girl who is not the typical Bond girl.

In the film, Wai Lin and Bond are forced to work together to stop a common enemy named Elliot Carver, who is plotting regime change in China. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in Tomorrow Never Dies she does most of the action.

Colonel Wai Lin is perhaps the most skillful of the Bond girls in martial arts. Watching Tomorrow Never Dies will make you think that this is probably Bond’s best Bond girl pairing if they decide to create a buddy-cop version of the series.

With a rare combination of excellent character and excellent actress, Colonel Wai Lin is truly a rarity among Bond girls.

8. Octopussy (Octopus)


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Characteristics of Maud Adams Octopussy as a feminist mystery. On one hand, she embodies the image of a self-made wealthy woman who owns her own jewelry smuggling ring, made up entirely of women. On the other hand, a name like Octopussy will make feminists shake their heads but those ridiculous names are all part of the Bond fun.

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However, this formula created one of the most iconic Bond girls ever. With a name like Octopussy, it’s something that, once you hear it, will never leave your head. Here we see a more complex character and one who is an extremely successful criminal.

It is also notable for being one of the oldest Bond girls ever as Adams was 37 years old when she played the role. That makes her the second oldest Bond girl after Honor Blackman in Goldfinger.

The character plays a popular role in Bond films of a criminal whom Bond turns to the good side. It’s a role played brilliantly by the charming Maud Adams.

7. Tatiana Romanova (From Russia comes love)

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Tatiana Romanova is played by Daniela Bianchi. She worked in intelligence as a corporal in the Soviet Army. In From Russia With Love, she is assigned to work as a cipher at the Soviet consulate in Istanbul.

However, she was manipulated by the dark evil organization SPECTER to destroy MI6. Tatiana started out as a thoughtful and sweet character, making fans sincerely want to root for her to fall in love with Bond.

Is she a villain? Is she an ally? Tatiana couldn’t decide. Many people would consider her an innocent type of woman compared to many other Bond girls.

In the end, she saves Bond and their mission is completed. The sex tape they were blackmailed into is thrown into the canal as the two once again share a romantic moment.

6. Anya Amasova (The Spy Who Loved Me)


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It was not unusual for Bond to come across a girl of his professional equal. One such Bond girl is Anya Amasova portrayed by Barbara Bach.

Anya is also a secret agent for the Russians. The film begins with both Bond and Anya leaving their respective lovers after being called to their respective superiors for the same mission, albeit in an uncooperative fashion.

They only crossed paths when they were both working independently on a case involving a missing nuclear submarine. The two decide to join forces and end up working together and fighting against a common enemy.

Anya is an effective agent, as smart and brilliant as Bond, but of course, the prerequisite is that every Bond girl is saved by the main character at some point in the film.

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Regardless of that factor, Anya is more than capable of handling any espionage problem on her own. She is a brilliantly intelligent character.

5. Xenia Onatopp (Yellow Eyes)


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If there was an award for ugliest Bond girl ever then Famke Janssen’s Xenia Onatopp would definitely win it.

Describing her as a cheerful murderer is an understatement, with Onatopp being a woman who seems to take pleasure in pain. She hates losing but loves pain, regardless of whether it causes others or herself.

For those who may have forgotten, a vulgar and brutal makeover scene at a spa between Bond and Onatopp will serve as a vivid reminder of how this woman may have lost some of her gems. How deep are my balls?

She threatens and shows pain as if it were part of making love. Whether it’s a stab in the stomach with a knife or a hungry kiss, this devilishly crazy woman delights. The simple verdict is that Xenia is bad to the bone and with that, there is no way for her to win over Bond and convince him to her side.

4. Teresa di Vicenzo (About the Queen’s secret service)


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This particular Bond girl is perhaps the most clearly defined Bond girl on this list because she can do what every other Bond girl has failed to do: she puts a ring on her lover’s finger. man and take his last name.

Before becoming Mrs. Bond, Tracy was known as Contessa Teresa “Tracy” di Vicenzo and her character was played by the late great Diana Rigg. She is strong, intelligent and truly an intellectual equal to Bond.

In the final scene of the film, responding to Bond, who tells her that he forgot to give her flowers, Tracy says, “Anyway, you gave me my wedding present. The best thing I can have is a future.”

Just seconds later, Blofeld shot and killed her in a drive-by shooting. Bond’s reaction to her death as her body lies in his arms is traumatic, even for the viewer. That might just be one of the things that explains why Bond was never tied to another woman after that.

3. Many Pussy (Golden Finger)


Honor Blackman is the actress who plays Pussy Galore. The award for the Bond girl with the most sexual and quirky name definitely goes to Pussy Galore.

Additionally, she is the first villain to change sides in a Bond film and eventually become part of the good guys. The Beginning Golden finger, Pussy is one of Auric Goldfinger’s henchmen. She was the pilot believed to command Goldfinger’s raid on Fort Knox, in an operation known as Operation Grand Slam.

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She is also depicted as a judo expert but even those throwing skills can’t stop her from throwing herself at Bond. Initially, she was portrayed as a cold-hearted woman, but somehow Bond was able to melt her cold heart.

2. Honey Ryder (Doctor No.)


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The quintessential Bond girl is undoubtedly the famous character of Ursula Andress, the aptly named Honey Ryder. The breathtaking image of Honey rising from the Caribbean in a two-piece bikini is one that was imprinted on many people’s minds when the film first came out.

Not only did this set the standard for the beautiful Bond girls that came after her, but Honey Ryder also set the standard for the imagination of many male fans who watched her in the movies. Honey is innocent and she has played that role since she was a child.

She depends heavily on Bond’s protection. Many other would-be Bond girls would be able to solve a lot of problems on their own, but Honey is more than happy to let Bond be her prince charming.

Doctor no was the first film released in the James Bond series but her iconic emergence from the water scene has never been surpassed.

1. Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale)


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The character of Vesper Lynd was brought to life by Eva Green and is part of the recent crop of Bond girls who are as incredibly intelligent, calculating and deceptive as any secret agent.

This is perhaps the Bond girl who can transform any man from a secret agent who likes to provoke into a man with the conviction to complete every mission properly.

What’s unique is that Bond and Vesper begin to hate each other to the core, both finding each other’s personalities obnoxious and annoying. Over the course of the film, we see that begin to change.

She loved him, convinced him to leave everything behind, then betrayed him, then saved him. How much emotion can a man take away from a woman?

Not only is Vesper Lynd a complex and impeccably written character, but she is also played perfectly by Eva Green. Add that to the excellent film and you have the best Bond girl of all time.

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