The 2023 Sidemen charity match broke the previous world record for viewership

The 2022 Sidemen charity match broke the world record for the most-watched live-streamed sporting event on YouTube, and the 2023 event broke that record, according to MrBeast’s statement on viewership numbers simultaneously.

The Sidemen Charity Match has become a major annual event that brings together some of the world’s biggest content creators for a match that pits these creators against each other in the name of charity.

Even though the event is run for charity and millions are donated in any way, fans of these creators are still invested in the team of their favorites winning .

Thanks to the storytelling surrounding the event and the hype behind these creators, the Sidemen Charity Match once again broke its own previous viewership record, according to the number of concurrent viewers recorded. MrBeast’s statement.

The 2023 Sidemen charity match broke the previous viewership record

As content creators gain larger followings and have more ways to reach them, a large wave of competitive live streaming events has seen influencers people love conflict for bragging rights.

And, while the Sidemen Charity Match hasn’t reached the heights of Ibai’s La Velada del Año 3 boxing event with a staggering 3.4 million viewers, the 2022 Sidemen Match holds the record for a sporting event. Sports streamed live on YouTube are the most viewed on YouTube.

Or, at least until the 2023 event breaks that record, according to MrBeast.

With the previous Guinness World Record achieving a 2022 viewership of exactly 2,558,501 viewers, MrBeast’s prediction would see the event smash its previous record.

And although the viewership record was still broken, it was not as big of a difference as MrBeast thought.

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With 2,562,949 viewers, the event barely eclipsed the previous record of a little over 4 thousand viewers. These massive, record-breaking views have allowed these creators to donate millions of views to charity, but there’s still about a million more views to go before it surpasses what Ibai is doing on Twitch.

Whether the Sidemen can find a way to close the gap next year remains to be seen.

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