The bartender sparked controversy when he asked “what’s wrong” to customers who ordered Long Island Iced Tea

A Tiktoker barista sparked a debate asking “what’s wrong” with customers who ordered Long Island Iced Tea with too much alcohol.

Have you ever ordered a drink at the bar and wondered what your bartender must have thought of your choice? Well, a TikTok bartender has sparked a debate about that.

Soundbowlbae on TikTok made a cheeky video asking “what’s up” to customers who order Long Island Iced Tea, admitting that she actually judges customers a bit based on orders at the bar their.

“When you go to the bar and order Long Island, the first thing I think is ‘Is everything okay?'” she said. “Is everything okay in your life?”

You may wonder why she thinks that way. She explains, “Because, why would you want to use four different types of alcohol in your drink? You’re getting rum, tequila, vodka, and gin all mixed in one. That’s crazy to me.”

Another liqueur she didn’t mention that’s often added is Triple Sec, along with Coke or flavored with Sprite on top. The long list of spirits clearly makes customers question their choices.

But despite her judgments, she seemed okay with it. “If you like it, I like it. But just know that I am judging you a little.”

Many viewers explained why Long Islands is their favorite drink, with the commenter cheekily responding: “Honey, we live in America, nothing is okay.”

Another commenter joked: “Long Island is the only way to guarantee you have alcohol in your drink.” With another person responding with similar sentiments, “Because I’m not going to keep buying drinks all night and I want to feel my drink the first time!”

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So if you want your cocktail to be filled with alcohol, the Long Island Iced Tea might be for you, if you don’t mind your bartender possibly questioning whether everything is okay.

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