The concept of Blind Love Explained: How Does the Shell Work?

Love is Blind returned to Netflix on September 22 for its fourth season, and if you’re wondering how the reality dating show works, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Netflix debuted the first season of Love is Blind in 2020, and it was a huge hit with reality TV fans who loved watching the social experiment unfold.

The series has had three more seasons and the fifth season, set in Houston, will air on Netflix on September 22.

The program has a pretty unique idea, but if you’re confused about how it works then we have everything you need to know.

How does blind love work?

In Love is Blind, single contestants get to know each other from purpose-built ‘pods’ where they can only communicate via loudspeaker. This starts out as speed dating, but later on they may have longer dates.

To meet in person, a proposal must be accepted and once the couples are engaged, they are taken to a couples retreat where they can get to know each other better.

They will then move to an apartment complex where they will get to know more about each other and their lives.

At the end of the process, couples have a wedding where they will choose whether or not to actually get married.

YouTube: NetflixLove is Blind returns on March 24

How long were they in the Love is Blind group?

Contestants will be in the Love is Blind group for a maximum of 10 days in total, which equates to approximately 20 days total.

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Do they sleep in compartments in Love is Blind?

Love is Blind contestants don’t sleep in cocoons.

During the first season, they slept on cots in trailers next to the waiting room, but from Season 2 onwards, contestants slept in hotels. Contestants are led to and from their rooms to ensure they don’t see their potential love interests, but they can come and go as they please.

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