The creepy photo of “Zombie” on the beach caused a stir among netizens

The internet was confused and concerned after a photo showing a group of people seemingly trapped in a trance on an Australian beach was shared on Facebook – however, the reason is less terrifying. so many.

A woman named Francesca came across the “strange” scene while walking along the beach in Sydney, Australia and taking pictures.

The image shows a large group of people standing still on the beach and far away from each other as they all look out over the sea, almost as if they are in a state of “farming”.

When locals were confused, she posted the picture on the Mosman Living Facebook group with the caption: “Does anyone know why people stand alone on Balmoral Beach on Sunday morning? I’d love to know.”

After uploading the photo, it soon gained attention and went viral online. As comments flooded on Facebook and Twitter/X, many people were confused, worried and wondering what was the reason behind it.

Scary beach photo makes netizens stir

Many have described it as “weird”, “scary”, “weird” and “scary”, with many comparing it to a scene from a “zombie movie” and being attributed to “alien”.

“Maybe it’s a cult?” one viewer suggested.

Others not so much, instead taking it as an opportunity to react jokingly. “Now I’m just waiting for Jesus to come out of the water,” said one. “NPC activity,” said one user, and another said: “They just saw a really big spider.”

However, the fact that the actual explanation is much less disturbing after a local posted an update to the original Facebook post.

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“It turned out that the group was doing walking meditation (walking, standing still, and lying down) according to the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. They see each other most Sundays,” this user said.

As the doctor himself states on his website: “Meditation is a great way for us to begin not only manifesting our future while living in the present moment, but also begin to practice living in the present moment. that amount, living in that future. .”

The internet also gained traction after a flight had to make an emergency landing after a passenger developed “biohazardous” diarrhea.

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