The father was indignant after catching museum staff following the family everywhere

A father is going viral on TikTok after encountering a museum employee following his family around, giving the employee a stern speech that viewers can’t get enough of.

Sometimes TikTok videos bring people together for a certain cause. An example of this can be found when a woman went viral for recording her neighbors destroying her property, prompting users to send a flood of well wishes and legal advice.

Now, another viral video has brought netizens together after a father endured museum staff following his family around as he and his children viewed works of art.

Father and TikTok user ‘JandKids’ was visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art when he noticed a staff member standing in the corner, seemingly keeping an eye on him and his children.

The father scolded the museum staff as he followed the family around

The employee initially asked the father to make sure his children did not “jump around and get too excited near the paintings” as they viewed some of the artwork.

J confirms with the employee that he will make sure to do that… but the worker continues to follow them even as they enter another room, which appears to display ancient tombs.

This made the father unhappy, he took out his phone to record the situation and called the worker about his behavior.

“Are you going to keep an eye on us, buddy?” J asked. “If you’re going to follow me around all the time, give us a damn tour! I know how to control my child. You asked me to make sure they don’t run away, I won’t do that.”

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The employee crossed his arms and sighed, seemingly refusing to make eye contact with the father. “You can roll your eyes all you want,” J told him. “You look like a little girl, man. Tighten!”

Viewers flooded the comments section in support of J, with many pointing out that this employee was “peeping behind the column” watching them.

“They caught him hiding in that corner,” one viewer wrote.

“Oh my god the way he crawls behind those pillars,” another said. “I hope you get a refund. Sorry this happened to you!

“You stepped in like that man’s father and taught him a lesson,” another wrote.

This is just the latest incident to go viral on TikTok after a woman took revenge on the company that fired her in epic fashion.

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