The Internet is in turmoil because Halloween Fanta turns tongue black

Fanta’s brand new Halloween drink is taking the internet by storm after fans tried to guess the mystery flavor while their tongues turned black.

Beverage products went viral on social media in 2023, fueled by hyped campaigns and unique features. From Mcdonald’s infamous Grimace smoothie to KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME drinks, companies have cleverly created countless TikTok trends.

PRIME released a brand new Glowberry flavor in August 2023. The drink quickly went viral due to its glow in the dark bottle, as brands tried to establish themselves to take advantage of the many moreover the upcoming Halloween festivals.

Fanta have revealed that they will also be joining in on the fun as they have announced that they will be returning with their #WhatTheFanta campaign for a second year. Their website officially touts that they have “a new mystery flavor that is spooky and hauntingly delicious.”

However, not only is the flavor a mystery, there are also reports that there is a “scary twist” circulating online.

Fanta’s Halloween drink causes a fever by turning the tongue black

The limited edition drink shocked customers after their tongues turned black shortly after drinking it.

On TikTok alone, the trend has attracted more than 100 million views as a wave of social media fans try to figure out the flavor as they witness their tongues instantly turn black.

Luxurious Twitter/X Opinions were divided, some loved the flavor and others not so much.

“Halloween Fanta version is in trouble,” one person said.

“I can’t decide if I like Halloween Fanta or not,” another said.

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“I have Halloween fantasies!! that’s so disappointing,” one user said.

Halloween-themed Fanta is available in the United States and Canada in bottles, as well as in Coca‑Cola Freestyle machines and in frozen dispensers at select locations.

A McDonalds employee also went viral after she explained why she ignored drive-through customers.

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