The Internet is obsessed with this Japanese McDonald’s ad

McDonald’s is going viral on Twitter after releasing a Japanese ad showing a family enjoying a meal together.

There are times when McDonald’s suddenly goes viral. An example of this can be found when McDonald’s employees make “irrational mistakes” with customer orders, such as when a woman ordered three McChickens but ended up receiving three boxes of chopped lettuce.

Now, McDonald’s is causing a stir again after releasing a “pro-family” propaganda ad in Japan.

McDonald’s “brilliant” ad showing vibrant family bonds over fast food has left viewers divided.

The Japanese ad is animated, focusing on the core family unit of a mother, father and their daughter.

The video shows the family sitting around a table littered with brown McDonald’s bags, including McDonald’s Halloween toys located near the screen. A mother and father feed their daughter potato chips at their request in a healthy commercial while soothing lo-fi music plays softly in the background.

Viewers flocked to the comments section, some loving the video and others dismissing it as propaganda.

“McDonald’s is single-handedly fixing the falling birth rate,” one viewer commented, referring to Japan’s political push to increase the birth rate, which currently stands at 1.3 children per woman, below The estimated average is 2.1 to ensure a stable population.

Others have seen through the political undercurrent, praising advertising for its wholesome values. “What a wholesome advertisement! I’m very happy that Japan still has its cultural values.” One person commented. “Great ad, takes me into a feeling of excitement and nostalgia where responsibility is not so heavy!” Another person added.

McDonald’s have also been promoting their partnership with Pokemon in 2023, launching a number of new cards for customers to earn – like Feucoco, Sprigatito and Quaxly.

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