The Internet was stunned by the Japanese man’s crazy drinking skills

The internet was stunned after witnessing a Japanese man go on a drinking spree during a Twitch livestream.

Robcdee is a popular IRL streamer on Twitch, where he often documents his travels in Japan for viewers around the world.

Over the years, Rob has earned the nickname ‘Shibuya’s angel’ thanks to the many times he stepped up to help those in need during his broadcasts.

However, the latest viral moment from his stream doesn’t show the creator stepping in to help a drunk passerby get home safely; instead, it was a much noisier affair that made a deep impression on everyone who saw it.

Japanese man causes internet fever with viral drinking trick

Robcdee was drinking at a bar in Japan when one of the people he was drinking with decided to pull an eye-catching party trick.

After announcing the “Japanese party/festival” trick, the group started clapping while the guy turned his wine glass upside down in his palm.

Surprisingly, no beer spilled out – instead, he managed to drink it from a small pocket that formed between his hand and the rim of the cup without a single drop falling to the floor.

Online commenters were stunned by the party trick, with one person writing: “This may actually be the funniest drinking move I’ve ever seen.”

“Now that’s an expert,” said another.

Even Twitch star xQc was shocked by the trick, seemingly confused at how this man could seemingly defy physics.

“Wait, what?” asked the steamer. “I’ve never seen that before. Dayum!”

It’s certainly great to see such a joyful moment take social media by storm – something that recently happened when Robert Irwin went viral for rescuing a snake trapped in a vending machine.

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