The owner of Wakey Wines wants to fight KSI after receiving a special edition bottle of Prime

The owner of convenience store Wakey Wines in England challenged KSI to a boxing match, but first he had to get his hands on the special edition LA Dodgers Prime Hydration.

Back in January 2023, shortly after Prime Energy launched, the owners of Wakey Wines went viral selling cans of the drink for over $100 each.

KSI criticized the convenience store owner, declaring in a video that he “cannot keep doing this.”

Prime recently unveiled a special edition LA Dodgers Prime Hydration available only in Los Angeles, California, and KSI was quick to say there was “no way” Wakey Wines could get their hands on this bottle.

The store owner accepted the challenge to get drinks and he wanted to fight KSI in a boxing match if he was successful.

Wakey Wines owner challenges KSI to a boxing match

In a TikTok video, the owner of Wakey Wines issued a challenge to KSI. “I accept your challenge, buddy. Your challenge to me is to get this bottle,” he said. “You must accept my challenge.

“When I bring this drink in, I want to jump in the ring with you and have a boxing match with you.”

The video quickly went viral and viewers shared their thoughts on the challenge in the clip’s comments section.

“This man is willing to be beaten down for his store’s biggest promotion. This person is truly a genius!” one user said.

Another commented: “The store is dying is what he is saying.”

KSI has yet to respond to the challenge at the time of writing, likely because he is getting ready for his October fight with Tommy Fury.

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However, we will update you if he does. In the meantime, you can visit our entertainment section to see more details.

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