The software pirate broke the Twitch Hype Train record previously set by him

Published: 2024-04-01T22:46:17 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-01T22:46:29

PirateSoftware has broken another record for Twitch Hype Train, a record he had previously set twice. Now he has exceeded the maximum just introduced on the platform.

Twitch streamer and game developer Jason Thor Hall, better known as Game Director and founder of indie game studio Pirate Software, just broke the Hype Train record once again in impressive style, a record he set himself in December 2023.

In about three hours of his 15+ hour livestream, Thor broke his own Twitch Hype Train record with 54,380 gifted subscribers and a staggering 8,225,386 Bits. End the hype train at a dizzying 106 levels.

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Thor’s previous Hype Train record was set at level 55 with just over 1.3 million Bits and 9,665 Subs transferred to set the world record at the time. He has now surpassed his previous best.

“The new World Record Twitch Hype Train just ended. Level 106 at 47% for about three hours. I cannot express my gratitude and have no words to thank you for what you have done here,” Thor tweeted about his new record.

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For being the first person to reach Level 100 in the Hype Train, Thor also became the first streamer to receive the KappaInfinite emote, just one week after it was added to Twitch.

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However, the number of Subs and Bits given away was so large that viewers did not receive the KappaInfinite emote because Twitch still maintained that Hype Train was still going on at the time of writing, even hours after it ended.

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“People will get their KappaInfinite over time because you hit the site so hard they have to limit the delivery rate,” Thor said of the emoji. “Otherwise Twitch would have blown up. You crushed another site, goblin.”

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